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When you join Kal Tire, you have the chance to do something big with your career: chase goals, grow and give back to the community the same way we have for more than 60 years.

As part of the Kal Tire family, you’ll see how our unique culture of teamwork and true service set us apart, and set you up for success.

Along the way, we’ll make sure you’re fulfilled and challenged with ongoing training, mentorship, rewards and global opportunities as part of your Best Career.

  • Why Work for Kal Tire?

    Why work for Kal Tire
  • Learning & Development

    Learning and Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Benefits at Kal Tire

    Benefits at Kal Tire

Why Work for Kal Tire?

When you begin a career at Kal Tire, you join a team of more than 5,000 team members who all share the same commitment to providing exceptional customer service while contributing to an interactive and upbeat team environment.

At Kal Tire, we want our team members to experience their Best Career. From mentorship programs, manager training and certification processes, to opportunities for advancement across the country, the possibilities are abundant at Kal Tire.

Find out more about the Aims of the Kal Tire Team.

Learning & Development

A Culture of Learning

At Kal Tire, we recognize how important career advancement is to our team members. We believe our people are the key to our success. With this in mind, we have embraced a culture of learning which allows you to participate in many great training and learning opportunities to lead you to your best career.

Our Kal Tire Career Campus


Your ‘been-there, done-that’ mentor will provide you with great tips and work with you to set goals for your career.

Learning Management System

More than 1,600 online courses will provide you the tools needed to get the job done right.

Centralized Training

Travel to Vernon, BC, to visit our career campus. Our classroom training provides you with fantastic tips, techniques, tricks and insight into your career at Kal Tire.


Harvard Mentor Management Partnering with Harvard Business Review Publishing, this program provides great learning opportunities to becoming a highly effective leader at Kal Tire.

The Leadership Challenge This program gives team members the tools to understand the five practices of exemplary leadership and use them to cultivate their own leadership potential.

McQuaig Teaches team members how to hire, coach and develop talent in the most effective way, based on a team member/ candidate’s behavioural assessment.

Dale Carnegie This learning program helps develop leadership abilities by giving team members the tools and practice to improve communication skills, interpersonal relationships and manage stressful work conditions.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility

When Kal Tire opened in Vernon, BC, in 1953, the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ hadn’t yet been coined. And yet doing the right thing—for our team members, our environment and our communities—has always been a part of what we do at Kal Tire.

Our company’s culture is steeped in values. Seven principles known as The Aims reaffirm our values, and guide our team members every day as they work and make decisions. Aim 7 in particular captures our company’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility:

  1. Our aim is to earn the trust of our customers by providing them with a level of quality and value of both service and products that exceeds their expectations and exceeds that available from the competition.
  2. Our aim is that the career of every team member is supported by quality leadership, training, and opportunities for advancement. Our people will work safely and have the ambition, enthusiasm, and energy to be productive, efficient, and contribute to an upbeat atmosphere in the workplace.
  3. Our aim is to achieve a fair profit in all of our operations.
  4. Our aim is to expand our company in a deliberate and balanced fashion for the purpose of strengthening our ability to serve the customer and provide a solid future for our people. However, our rate of expansion will not be beyond our ability to finance or manage to a consistent standard of quality.
  5. Our aim is to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, being conscious of our image and with modest respect for our successes. Our image is defined by the conduct of each of us.
  6. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our suppliers based on competitiveness, value and mutual respect of objectives.
  7. Our aim is to continually improve every aspect of our company, recognizing our responsibility to our customers, each other, our communities and the environment.

Benefits at Kal Tire

From discounts on tire purchases to a retiree VIP program, Kal Tire has you covered.

Mechanical Assistance Program

Kal Tire encourages our team members to develop their skills and progress within the organization. To promote this, we have established the Mechanical Assistance Program to aid our team members through a provincial Red Seal Program for apprentices to further their career within our stores. All eligible and approved store team members can apply for:

  • Reimbursement for tuition at a Provincial Red Seal Apprenticeship trade program
  • 24-month interest-free loan for tool purchase
  • Assistance with EI waiting periods

Retiree VIP Program

Kal Tire is proud to recognize our retired team members who have dedicated at least 10 years of service to the company. Kal Tire offers eligible team members pricing discounts on tires, parts and labour for the retiree and their spouse’s vehicles.

Tuition Exchange

Our Tuition Exchange Program offers a unique opportunity to students in their post-secondary education. Eligible students collect an annual reimbursement during their education. In addition, this opportunity provides valuable working experience in a fast-paced, physically demanding environment. Our goal is to support students through their post-secondary education and to set them up for success.

Recruitment Bounty Program

Kal Tire will pay $500 to team members who are instrumental in recruiting a new person to Kal Tire once the recruit completes their 90- day probationary period. An additional $1,000 will be paid when the new hire has earned their assistant manager or commercial sales certification for a total net income of $1,500.

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