Internal Talent Program Greeley, Colorado


Position at JBS USA Food Company

Program Mission:

To identify and maintain an internal talent pipeline with the objective to train and develop front-line supervisors with potential for continued growth within JBS.

Key Facts:

This is a 6 month management training program intended to provide rotational work experience in a challenging and collaborative environment. Trainees have the opportunity to tailor their program to experience various disciplines and areas of interest, while also exploring the foundations of the business at the facility level. The program is focused on giving participants the skills they need to read complex situations, set innovative strategies, and execute those strategies with integrity and effectiveness. Additional benefits include exposure to senior management, participation in leadership development courses, and the opportunity to make a difference in the community. Trainees will have the opportunity to lead others through various projects and assignments.

Trainees will be given challenging projects aimed at providing a meaningful result to the company in the form of increased profit or decreased cost through various means (reducing turnover, increasing yield, etc.)
Trainees will receive key learning objectives to complete during each rotation
The last few months of the program will provide hands-on supervisor training in an area of interest to the trainee with the intention of preparing trainee for final placement in a supervisor role – this training includes responsibility for time keeping, vacation tracking, discipline, and production results
There will be several leadership and process training sessions throughout the program.

Minimum Qualifications:
The Internal Talent Program is an excellent opportunity to give professionals the tools to be successful supervisors and operations leaders.
Must have been employed with the company for at least six months
Must meet acceptable attendance and behavioral guidelines

Preferred Qualifications:
Alignment with JBS Core Values and company culture
Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
Ability to demonstrate and practice leadership
Strong desire to work in a challenging and hands-on environment