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Position at JBS USA Food Company

Director of Veterinary Services, JBS Live Pork

The Director of Veterinary Services will be directly responsible for the management and organization of the Veterinary Services Team including Staff Veterinarians and Contract Veterinary Services. This position is expected to have 2-4 direct reports and routine interactions with 3-5 Contract Veterinarians.

The Director of Veterinary Services will be intimately involved with the Animal Welfare Director to guide policy/procedures to comply with industry standards.

 Expectations of the Director of Veterinary Services:

  1. Provide strategic leadership of the veterinary and production teams to improve the performance of JBS Live Pork.
  2. Be an active participant in the field in concert with field vets, contract vets, field managers, production managers, and operations managers. 2-3 days per week in barns is expected. Travel away from home is expected.
  3. Be a system level thinker- recognize patterns, identify root causes, and implement cost effective solutions to optimize cost of production.
  4. Recruit, mentor, and develop new veterinarians as needed. Maintain a team environment where production veterinarians thrive.
  5. Be committed to the JBS Values and Mission.

Location: Ideally located in an area with current JBS production. Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas are preferred to minimize travel time.

Minimum Qualifications: 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree, licensed and accredited  
3+ years of related swine health experience
Deep understanding of pork production and related expertise
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Ability to travel

Preferred Qualifications: 
5+ years of related swine health experience  
1 + years of direct leadership of teams 
Direct experience developing and implementing herd health management for large production systems