Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Cactus, Texas


Position at JBS USA

General Description:

  • Coordinate and supervise pre-operations. Examine and verify cleanliness and sanitation of equipment and area.
  • Resolve problems and issues with safety, product quality and employee issues as they arise
  • Communicate frequently with other process supervisors and managers including put not limited to all production peers
  • Direct, motivate, and monitor the safety & quality of employees and product
  • Evaluate performance of current employees
  • Attend meetings associated with customer expectations and satisfaction as scheduled or called
  • Coordinate the efforts of other departments to optimize the company performance by meeting the company’s guidelines and management expectations.
  • Work in extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and able to lift 50 lbs.+
  • Perform various other duties as needed.
  • Monitoring and adherence of all quality specification of products
  • Required to oversee daily Pre/Post-Operational duties and Quality checks that are performed by QA Technicians; this includes monitoring but not limited to Safety and Quality related items.
  • Responsible for the motivation and managing of Employees as well as their safety
  • Must have good communication and interpersonal skills and maintain a good working relationship with management, plant employees, and any others as needed

  • Must have good decision making and planning skills

  • Ability to work 50+ hours per week and frequent Saturday work

  • Extended walking and standing in a hot/cold environment             


High School Graduate or GED equivalent (preferred but not required) 

2 years of Management experience in a Tannery industry, manufacturing or production environment preferred           


Supervisor will be responsible and careful with safety and quality.  It is separated by two main steps:  Beamhouse and Tanning.  It should be noted that our Tannery operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Sequence of Basic Job Steps for Drum operator:

  1. Employee must always check PPE before use.
  2. Check the equipment h2s monitor, pHmeter, thermometer, and salometer.
  3. Prepare the drum to receive the hides
  4. Position the big door for loading.
  5. Check formula date for information, and formula receipt for chemicals to be used.
  6. After loading, operator will position the big door to be closed.
  7. Use formula to start the soaking procedure. Checking water volume and chemicals.
  8. The controls determined in the formula and steps must be recorded and checked by supervisor.
  9. Employee will measure samples as required by beamhouse process
  10. At end of process download drum to be transported to lime fleshing.