Administrative Support Tolleson, Arizona


Position at JBS USA Food Company


Reports to the Inventory Control Supervisor

Directed by the Inventory Control Fabrication

The position of Loader/Unloader is a position that supports all aspects of the Purchasing department. 

Responsible to monitor and support our facility’s supply, storage, and tracking of packaging material.  The Loader/Unloader is an important role since the efficient handling of the company products and supplies is critical for the attainment of business goals. 



  • Communicate daily with Inventory Control Lead & Supervisor to ensure Supervisor is aware any concerns or issues. Report to work on time and communicate with Supervisor for any required time off. Use the call in number for any unexpected absences.
  • Gather information from Inventory control leads and assist in inventory counts designated by lead or supervisor.
  • Load/unload packaging as directed by needs of Lead person, Supervisor, and team members.
  • Call for trailers to be moved in and out of dock doors as needed.
  • Assist in set up and staging of packaging materials in packaging storage areas. (not inclusive of any department).  All materials needed.
  • Fill out trailer inspection sheet and turn in to Inventory control lead when form is full.
  • All inventory must be counted at weekending including trailers. Loader/unloader must report to work for Saturday inventory.  (Sunday applies if there is Saturday production.)
  • All week ending inventory must be completed and reported prior to Monday start up. The Inventory Control lead and Supervisor will determine who needs to report for inventory.
  • Once the packaging report is conducted, loader/unloader may need to assist with recounts for trailer stored items. The inventory control lead person will direct any recounts on trailer storage.
  •  This will be determined by need basis with Supervisor/Lead.
  • Communicate incoming deliveries with the Supervisor, Inventory control lead, and warehouse as well as give direction for delivery locations. Assist as needed in delivery or putting away packaging. Keep good communication at all times. 
  • Assist the purchasing group to help in coordinating with the warehouse, Inventory control leads, and affected areas to verify they have received their items. It is a team effort. If you need help, communicate with your supervisor to solve any issues that arise.
  • Review with team members housekeeping and help maintain storage areas. Assist with putting away items that are delivered to our area as needed.
  • Work on organization based on the 5S model and coordinate and plan improvements. This is a joint effort for both leads in the packaging department as well as working together with the Supervisor, purchasing assistants, and the loader/unloaders.
  • Work with team to learn all aspects of the department.


Other Tasks

  • Follow safety procedures.
  • Be a team player. Work toward process improvement.  Look at obstacles and think of better ways to manage daily tasks.
  • Help gather information for the department as needed or requested.
  • Assist Inventory Control lead in all necessary needs of the department.
  • All other duties as assigned.



Working Conditions


  • Forklift/pallet jack/walkie reach needed to complete tasks.
  • Shag certified if requested by Supervisor (to be determined)
  • Must be able to work in a fast paced manufacturing environment. 
  • Working area may be wet and slippery
  • Work area maintains a temperature at or below 45 degrees to insure the consistency of product.
  • Work in various temperatures ranging from cold to very warm.
  • Must be able to work long hours as well as Saturday and Sunday.


Special Skills


  • Knowledge of computers and related software programs such as Microsoft Office, Excel and SAP. (not necessary but a benefit to have.)
  • Prior experience in inventory.
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Outstanding communications skills