Maintenance Marshalltown, Iowa


Position at JBS USA






Division/Department:  Pork

Location:   Marshalltown

Job title:  DC Assistant Plant Engineer – DISTRIBUTION CENTER

Reports to: DC Plant Manager


Salaried Grade:                    



Type of position:



Shift: 1st Hours Vary





General Description: Ensure reliability of building equipment; establish and meet downtime and operational goals per shift. Manage training programs to maintain the skill level of the hourly and salaried workforce. Motivate interest in, and ensure compliance with, stringent plant safety programs while maintaining high levels of labor efficiency and effectiveness in responding to breakdowns and building interruptions. Maintain close communications with operations and other plant departments and develop an appreciation for overall plant performance issues in all employees within the department. Assist the General Manager in assuring continuous plant improvement. Insure reliable and cost effective operation of utility systems that are on line continuously. This includes steam generation, ammonia refrigeration, air compression, electrical distribution and others. Develop capital investment ideas that support overall plant profitability and develop and maintain the organizational capability to accomplish these projects. Develop and maintain contractors and vendors to supplement plant resources.  Represent the corporation in dealing with these outside firms. Evaluate the performance of superintendents and foreman; take corrective or remedial action as needed. Represent the entire plant’s needs and point of view in discussions with corporate engineering, regarding technical standards, project scope development and accomplishment. Perform various other duties as needed or as assigned.


Required skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must be able to demonstrate effective people skills. Extensive background in ammonia refrigeration, steam generation, air compressor technology, chain drives, all types of conveying systems, variable frequency motor controls, maintenance of sanitary conditions. Job responsibilities typically require extended hours
  • Computer skills and proficiency with basic office software (Word and Excel)
  • Supervisory Skills – Maintenance and Utilities Superintendents, Administrative Assistant and Planners Previous mechanical and related experience required.
  • Considerable knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions.
  • Work 40+ hours per week in all areas of the plant.
  • Be able to communicate verbally and in written form in English
  • Considerable knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and practices used in the building, mechanical and electrical trades.


Education Requirements (if applicable)

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • College experience recommended, but not required.

Approved by: Vicky Cervantes

Title: Employment Manager

Posting Date: 05/07/2022                               Closing Date: 05/17/2022


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