Maintenance Hickory, Kentucky Mayfield, Kentucky


Position at Pilgrim's

The Offal Operator is responsible for the overall operation of offal to ensure that the area runs properly. They will be also be responsible for swapping out trailers, operating a yard dog, keeping the area clean, pulling blood, etc.  At the beginning of each shift, they are to ensure that all pumps in each area are primed, working properly and not leaking; as well as ensuring that each belt is in proper condition and properly guarded.  They are to check the meat and feather augers to ensure the tops are covered and closed as well as making sure there are no leaks in the gear boxes.  They will also check the meat and feather belts for smoothness.  The offal operator is to ensure that the belt guards are on the 10 vacuum pump belts, the 4 primary pump belts and all 3 waste water pump belts.  Once these tasks are done, they will take care of any duties that their supervisor gives them.  If there are any issues with the machinery, the operator will call the live receiving maintenance person to come fix the problem.


At Pilgrim’s, Safety Is A Condition, which means the safety of our team members comes first - always.

We have implemented safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are working to ensure social distancing within our facility. We have installed physical barriers throughout our facility such as plexi-glass or plastic barriers between team member work stations. Each day, temperature screens are performed for each employee and visitor before entering the facility. Face coverings are provided and required over the mouth and nose at all times when inside the facility, and enhanced cleaning and sanitation is regularly performed.