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Using SAP and other specific toolsets, this role will ensure the data that is added to the master data repository is accurate and entered on a timely basis but will NOT directly add or modify data within SAP.  This position will rely on existing master data team structures and processes to facilitate the actual entry of data into SAP.   


The tasks associated with this role will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Present to the organization a single point of contact for initiating the creation or change of master data
  • Manage the workflow of master data, initiating contact with the various business owners to whom belong the actual responsibility for the data content. For example, sales will need to provide information relative to the customer’s request.  Packaging will need to provide information specific to the customer’s request.  Accounting will need to provide information associated with cost and price.  All areas of the company will need to be coordinated to create a holistic view of the data and this role will manage all of those communications.
  • On a frequent if not daily basis, examine the multiple sources of data reporting to identify where specific omissions have occurred relative to product and material data. Once those areas have been identified, this role will use the established business owners and processes to resolve any outstanding omissions.
  • Manage the communication with the SAP Master Data entry personnel and be that sole point of contact for the purpose of finalizing data within SAP.
  • Ensure the organization is adhering to the prescribed and adopted taxonomy that has been adopted for all products and materials.



  • 2 to 5 years working with SAP specific to the areas of master data
  • Experience as a direct customer and/or vendor interface is preferred


  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to identify root cause of issues and communicate the resolution process to all constituents
  • Organizational skills that provide for the continued processing of activities related to multiple threads across customers, vendors and products or materials.
  • A detail-oriented mindset as the volume of data will be large and the dimensions of detail will be numerous


  • 25% or less

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We offer a full range of benefits including health care, life insurance, and a 401 (K) plan.

Plumrose USA is an equal opportunity employer.