Engineering Souderton, Pennsylvania


Position at JBS USA Food Company

Position Title: Industrial Engineer

Department:  Industrial Engineering               

Location: Souderton, Pennsylvania 

Salary Class: Exempt                                              

Purpose & Scope: Key purpose of this position is to develop, install and maintain cost effective methods of manufacturing at the facility.

Principle Responsibilities: List and describe (in order of importance) the specific tasks, assignments, level of discretionary authority and/or functions performed.


  • Participates in initiation phase of new production lines to assist in design for cost effective manufacturing, layout, labor and efficiencies
  • Prepare detailed layouts of plant facilities to optimize utilization and product flow.
  • Develop, install and maintain equitable standards. Work includes the establishment of the format to be used in the development of standards data, crewing guides, reconciliation reports and the use of work-sampling techniques to resolve questions of operator utilization or performance.
  • Measure variances to standards, identifies out of control variances, investigates reasons and suggests solutions, installs and follow up.
  • Keeps tally of the method changes reducing cost of production and strives for budgeted goal. Completes daily/weekly labor efficiency report.
  • Keeps abreast for the trend of technology, investigates, installs most effective methods of manufacturing to keep company at competitive edge
  • Drive the use of processes throughout the business.  Be a lead in process map training and drive the culture of continuous process improvement.
  • Assist in financial planning and cost analysis.  (labor reporting and cost to produce analysis)
  • Selects appropriate techniques of work measurement and measures work contents of support labors. Installs standards, measures performance against standards.
  • Responsible for all equipment necessary to complete duties.
  • Responsible for labor issues relative to RE/Workload management with legal department, UFCW, Wage and Hour.
  • Educates plant personnel on work measurements and assists corporate with labor initiatives.
  • Update and maintain EASE standards and video server.
  • Frequent communication with senior team members concerning status of labor efficiency and projects.
  • Regular contact with IE team at corporate and other facilities.
  • Travel up to 25% a year.
  • Work environment: Must be able to work in areas of extreme heat, and cold conditions while in facilities.



    • Four-year degree in Engineering, or related field.


    • 2+ years’ experience in Food Industry beneficial.
    • Predetermined Time Software (EASE) experience beneficial
    • Advanced computer skills with emphasis on Microsoft Office
    • General knowledge of machinery within kill/fabrication floors
    • Must be able to learn quickly and make good decisions
    • Must be able to work in a team environment and perform a variety of duties
    • Good technical skills
    • Ability to communicate fluently in English, both written and verbal