Accounting & Finance Sanford, North Carolina


Position at Pilgrim's

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Develop effective tracking tools to keep key indicators under control;

Use data acquired daily/weekly/monthly to build trends and strategies that help the Complex achieve the desired results;

Support the operations team to build process control templates that will help keep processes controlled;

Use operations and Agristats reports as well as system data (SAP) to construct internal comparisons and benchmark analysis, positioning the complex versus their peers, internally and externally;

Look for root causes that affect results, proposing corrections; all data driven;

Support the budget process by supplying data that will build a challenging yet achievable scenario for the complex;

Communicate clearly and in a simple way the results of analysis so that management can use the reports to improve results;

Be diligent and relentless in tracking the key indicators, simplifying and improving the process as opportunities are observed.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


2-year business degree preferred.

Intermediate to Advanced Excel Skills

Clear verbal and written communication

Good analytical skills