Maintenance Marshalltown, Iowa


Position at JBS USA Food Company


Scale Technician     

Division/Department:  Pork

Location:   Marshalltown

Job title:   Scale Technician

Reports to: Maintenance Supervisor

Salaried Grade:                    


Type of position:








General Description:

Primary responsibility will be the upkeep and repair of scales and other electronic equipment plant wide.  Will need to quickly learn state and federal codes related to scales. Creative solutions and engineering welcome in areas that will increase production and reduce cost. This individual needs to be a motivated self-starter with the ability to take on and complete projects and support production needs.

Ability to diagnose and repair printers and labelers both direct and thermal transfer

Ability to diagnose and repair scales according to state and federal codes

Knowledge of metal detection systems and methods of installation

Ability to program in multiple languages and syntax

Knowledge of and programming of HMI software (Wonderware, RSView)

Installation and diagnosis of variable frequency and servo drives.

Strong working knowledge of both A/C and D/C electricity

Component level electronics knowledge is a plus.

Knowledge of barcodes and methods of printing and scanning

Required skills:

  • Extensive knowledge and technical skill of rendering facility.
  • Supervisory skills; good interpersonal relations; ability to handle conflict.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good mechanical aptitude.


Education Requirements (if applicable)


  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • College experience recommended.


Approved by: Vicky Cervantes                 Posting Date: 04/28/2021

Title: HR Manager                                     Closing Date: 05/08/2021

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