Quality Assurance & Food Safety Souderton, Pennsylvania Seaford, Pennsylvania


Position at Mopac


  • Managing customer requirements by fulfilling orders according to customer specification for both ingredient meals and all fats from Elroy as well as Blended Meals from the Two Blending Facilities
  • Maintains and controls all inventories as well as daily product movement to maximize value and margins
  • In addition to Lipids as needed, purchases ingredients needed at both blending facilities to ensure best margins keeping in mind the production variability at Elroy as well as blending orders.
  • Works on an indirect basis to ensure accounts receivable and payable functions are as needed for the finished sales areas
  • Co-manages with the QA Manager, the porcine free program at Seaford, DE for MBM made at Elroy by managing the timing of Elroy Daily Flush out and switch to MBM so that no porcine is detected in our finished product to the customer
    • This includes minimizing the needed testing to insure this
  • Organizing the needed random sampling in a cost efficient manager and making any necessary adjustments based on those results
  • Managing the Blending Facilities staff and their inventories to ensure financial balance to the controller
  • Investigating and solving inaccuracies
  • Overseeing plant cleanliness and working with maintenance support keeping the plant operational
  • Working with the transportation group to ensure customer needs are met daily and maximizing efficiencies
  • Managing the rendering plant dedicated sanitation team utilizing them to clean the plant through a schedule that successfully addresses each area of the plant according to need and frequency
  • Working with both operational and maintenance management to report poorly maintained or cleaned areas that are part of their respective staff’s responsibility and not being accomplished
    • This includes ensuring the safe food/feed production of our products giving reasonable opportunity and notice to the management of these areas to make needed changes prior to limiting or ceasing operations to effect immediate changes as needed to effect product quality and safety
  • Monitoring and managing the Mountain View Inventories making any needed changes to the Sales/Purchasing function to support dedicated Needs


  • Knowledge of Protein and Fat Nutrition is a plus
  • Industry Experience is a plus
  • Well organized
  • Good customer Service Skills
  • Agricultural Background/Education is required

JBS is an equal opportunity employer