Supply Chain, Procurement & Transportation Greeley, Colorado


Position at JBS USA Food Company




Every 5th Saturday for ~3 hours


  • B.S. Animal Science or related field preferred
  • Experience in Scheduling and Demand Planning, Production, and/or Analytics Preferred
  • Above average skills in Microsoft Office (Excel),
  • In depth knowledge of Production and Inventory Control Processes
  • Strong communication, computer and decision making skills
  • Preferred experience in Trim and Ground Beef Operations
  • Detail oriented, team player, leadership skills  and strong multi-tasking skills


  • Create production schedules for all trim and ground beef produced at specified facility
  • Provide product availability to sales for both trim and grind processes
  • Manage Raw Materials to adhere to BCF(Best Cost Formulation) in order to minimize raw material costs
  • Manage all aspects of Frozen Imported Trim to include in ground beef to optimize profitability
  • Manage product age rotation with plant personnel to eliminate dated product related issues/costs
  • Drive P&L awareness and profitability performance in specified Ground Beef operation.  Includes efficiencies, material usage, lean point measures
  • Work hand in hand with plant production leaders to coordinate PPH targets and actuals that feed production schedules and availability reporting
  • Work closely with plant Scheduling Managers for primal availability, cattle mix and changes in head count
  • Manage substitutions on customer orders and keep sales force informed of all changes in order contents or status
  • Ensure order prints and schedules are printed/released to plant accurately and timely daily
  • Meet KPI’s for Order Fill, Make Sheet Accuracy, On Time Departure and On Time Delivery for all orders
  • Maintain data within Order Management System and spreadsheet formulas that drive constraints, capacities and accurate forecasts