Facilities Maintenance Tech - WFF

Hourly Maintenance Riverside, California


Position at JBS USA Food Company

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Inspect all shared and office spaces daily to identify problems with litter, mechanical failure or breakdowns
  • Maintain housekeeping regarding buildings and grounds at all buildings in the plant. Work with departments that housekeeping is managed. These include administration area, reception, HR lobby area, smoking area, break room.
  • Perform basic tasks including painting and filling crevices, clean facilities and managing maintenance repairs.
  • Repair and replace doors and locks, if they are not working properly
  • Repair and replace lights
  • Detect and report the need for major maintenance repairs.
  • Physical audit regarding lighting issues at plant to maintenance.
  • Perform a variety of building maintenance and repair work in the electrical, mechanical, carpentry, and plumbing trades.
  • Skillfully use hand and power tools diagnose the cause of electrical, mechanical and structural problems and determine appropriate course of action.
  • Work independently with minimal instruction and without direct supervision
  • Must have schedule flexibility based on plant and operational needs



  • High school diploma or GED preferred
  • A minimum of 2 years working experience in a similar role
  • Experience with plumbing and electrical systems required
  • Excellent facility with common hand and power tools
  • Ability to lift 50+ lbs
  • Ability to climb up and down stairs and escalators
  • Ability to communicate well with property management and maintenance staff
  • Willingness to uphold company standards for safety and efficiency