Quality Assurance & Food Safety Omaha, Nebraska


Position at JBS USA Food Company

Job title: Laboratory Technician

Location:  JBS Omaha Beef Plant

Reporting to:  Lab Tech Supervisor


JBS USA is a leading global provider of diversified, high-quality food products, including a portfolio of well-recognized brands and innovative, easy-to-use food solutions. We process, prepare, package and deliver fresh and value-added premium meat, poultry and retail-ready food products for customers in approximately 100 countries on six continents. We are also the majority shareholder of Pilgrim’s, the largest poultry company in North America. JBS USA employs more than 100,000 team members, and our corporate office is located in beautiful Greeley, Colorado.



The Laboratory Technician will be responsible for the processing of Fetal Bovine Serum from Fetal Bovine Blood collected from JBS’ beef facilities.  Fetal Bovine Serum is quintessential to the scientific community for the production of vaccines, study of cell lines, and improvement of human healthcare. Technicians will work together to establish a high paced work flow that yields the highest quality fetal bovine serum possible.  Technicians will work together to ensure all work is traceable and completed in a timely and effective manner.


Basic Requirements: 

  • Able to lift 50lbs, regularly
  • Able to bend, kneel, and reach in order to collect items from the floor or above head height.
  • Able to stand and walk for 8 to 12 hrs
  • Capable of repetitive work while maintaining the ability to identify a variety of process errors.
  • Data entry and computer processing with various software
  • Able to follow safety instructions
  • Experience with personal protective equipment a plus
  • Able to think critically
  • Experience in a high flow, fast pace production setting with assisting machinery.
  • Experience with autoclaves and centrifuges a plus
  • Able to communicate clearly with others
  • An understanding of <, >, ≤, and ≥
  • Experience with the metric system and algebra are pluses
  • Able to see and distinguish colors from light yellow to deep red.
  • Be a prompt and reliable employee


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Technicians will follow all protocols in the JBS Human Resources handbook
  • Read and follow standard operating procedures.
  • Technicians will be expected to maintain the confidentiality of JBS, its vendors, contractors, and the like as it pertains to the production of bovine serum. All staff will affirm their commitment to confidentiality, annually.
  • Technicians will not maintain conflicts of interest as it pertains to the production of bovine serum. All staff will affirm their commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest, annually.
  • Technicians will be expected to don and doff personal protective equipment. Technicians will inspect and replace personal protective equipment as necessary.
  • Technicians will be responsible for receiving and processing raw material into finished product that they will then package and ship.
  • Technicians will need to be able to handle, view, inspect, process, cleanup, and dispose of bovine blood, daily.
  • Technicians will use calculations and ratios to dilute concentrated sanitizers according to standard procedure.
  • Technicians will use sanitizers and other cleaning product to maintain the production environment before, during, and after each production day. This will include sweeping and mopping the floor as well as removing waste from the facility.
  • Raw bovine blood and serum will be handled with care to preserve the quality of the finished product.
  • Technicians will log the bovine blood into proprietary software, separate the serum from the remainder of the bovine blood, and package the serum for shipment to the end user.
  • Staff will clean, inspect, and operate centrifuges, repeatedly.
  • Technicians will be expected to distinguish and separate the serum from the remainder of blood using a standard procedure.
  • Technicians will be expected to differentiate between colorimetric grades to establish work-in-progress quality of product.
  • Technicians will utilize scales to review weights of raw, work-in-progress, and finished product. This will require the use of conversions and algebra to establish volumes from weight.
  • Technicians will be responsible for inspecting the operational fitness of various equipment including autoclaves and centrifuges. Technicians will be shown how to distinguish between safe and unsafe equipment conditions.  Technicians will be expected to identify unsafe conditions, stop work, and notify supervisors.
  • Technicians will be expected to perform some analytical review of product according to standard procedure.
  • Technicians will be expected to interpret results, use algebraic formulas, and identify conformity (or lack) to product specifications.
  • Technicians will handle Positive Controls and other potentially hazardous materials according to standard procedure.
  • Technicians will notify procurement staff when consumables are low or need replaced.
  • Technicians will continually monitor all equipment before, during, and after processing to ensure nominal and specified operation.
  • Technicians will utilize autoclaves to sterilize incoming consumables and reusable materials, as directed by a supervisor. Processing waste may also be sterilized in the autoclaves, periodically.  Autoclave standard procedure safety will be reviewed annually.
  • Technicians will identify, generate, and maintain documentation that establishes product and process traceability
  • Technicians will take breaks and meals that are staggered with other staff so production continues. Technicians may take lunches simultaneously if work flow permits.
  • Technicians will perform other tasks as assigned by a supervisor.


Education and Experience:

  • Minimum High School Education required.
  • Relative experience in a lab setting and/or agricultural experience preferred but not required