Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Green Bay, Wisconsin


Position at JBS USA Food Company

Job Description:

Rendering Supervisor


  • Under direct supervision, responsible for supervising staff and oversees the Rendering production in the different departments on second shift. Meets the basic responsibility for the operation of the plant in the six basic areas: Production, Quality, Safety, Cost, Housekeeping, and Employee Relationship.
  • Supervise production, pitching in and helping when needed (relieves various positions during breaks, lunch, vacation, etc – to ensure operating efficiencies and to meet deadlines). Do regular plant checks to insure work is being done safely and efficiently. Insuring that receiving & shipping schedules are met. Give employees instructions on what needs to be done and how to do it. Checking quality standards of the raw & finished products. Insure that the production flows of the raw material being processed are acceptable. Check the operation of each department often during the shift to ensure that the workload will be completed on time, making any necessary changes as needed. Control overtime cost. Lead by example.
  • Talking to employees about their workload and discuss any problems they may   have (work related or not). Maintaining morale and discipline of employees. Maintaining constructive relationships with all employees and keeping the lines of communication open. Maintaining good employee relationships.
  • Troubleshooting problems in the plant, may involve using alternative methods, involving maintenance or getting additional technical advice. Assist maintenance in the repairs to the equipment
  • Keeping evaluations up to date and conducting regular performance appraisals. Performing safety audits, lockout audits, PIV Audits, filling out reports, and safety checklists. I oversee the training/cross training of the employees. Training the employees to run the equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Enforcing the procedures/guidelines for HACCP, APPI & our Salmonella Programs. Enforcing all safety regulations and company policies.
  • Reviewing the notes from the prior shift, watching for anything out of the ordinary and paying special attention to these items. Reviewing loading schedules. Talking to my supervisor about any special items or concerns that he wants me to pay special attention to. Discuss with my supervisor about any problems that may have come up and how to handle them. Making recommendations to Assistant Plant manager on possible changes to the operations in the area of efficiency and safety.
  • Writing up notes to the first shift Supervisor to inform him about any problems and the status of each department. Reviewing the HACCP and time sheets for completion, all which need to be turned in daily. Filling out accident and near miss forms.