Operations Management Support (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Tolleson, Arizona


Position at JBS USA Food Company

  • Paperwork Preparation
    1. Make sure loads are billed in a timely manner (no late loads by billing)
    2. Making sure heavy weights are received in a timely manner-communicating with load coordinators, shag drivers, or supervisors to make sure weights are taken
    3. Make sure paperwork is given to transportation in a timely manner, no longer than 15-20 minutes per average load (special exceptions for larger loads such as large Jetro loads which take longer)
    4. Make sure Mesa loads are billed and given to transport in a timely manner
      1. If any issues, there needs to be communication from biller to load coordinator/supervisor
    5. Make sure paperwork information is correct
      1. Bill to, ship to information etc.
  • Hand Billing
    1. Must be able to hand bill loads correctly if needed
  • Training
    1. Assist in the training of new team members
  • Customer requirements
    1. make sure all customer requirements are filled
      1. Correct temperatures
      2. Correct seals
  • Halal, bilingual, photos, temp recorders etc.
  • Knowledge and execution of export requirements (All export customers including Mexico)
    1. Label making, completing documents
  • Filling export customer requirements
    1. Slaughter certificate, Mexico grinds information, etc.

  • Invoicing
  • Basic load coordinator responsibilities
    1. Make sure loads are completed in a timely manner
    2. Communicate with corp on shortages
    3. Communicate with Shipping Management on late loads
    4. Exports completed in a timely manner