Hourly Maintenance Oakville, Iowa


Position at JBS USA

Essential Functions: 
(Order of Essential Functions does not indicate importance of Functions) 
  • Responsible for all corrective repairs of the site(s).
  1. Responsible to follow a preventive maintenance program.
  2. Perform all required duties in a timely manner as outlined in the S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedures).
  3. Responsible to complete all paperwork associated to the job (turn in receipts, requests for time off, and etc.).
  4. Must learn all environmental settings to keep them running as expected.
  5. Finding problems on inspections and while repairing.  Filling a maintenance work order and turn into Production Manager.
  6. Shows accountability for maintaining TriOak Foods tools and equipment (including vehicle if provided).
  7. Ensures work area is kept clean and organized at ALL times.
  8. Have a phone for major emergencies.
  9. Report timely to site of work.  Be prepared to take lunch break at the site of work.
  10. The ability to accept all other responsibilities that are assigned by immediate supervisor.
  11. Follow all company policies and procedures related to safety and biosecurity.
  12. Must be able to effectively communicate and work together with co-workers and site managers to promote teamwork and safety.
  • Must have knowledge of proper and safe use of a variety of power tools.
  1. Must be time efficient in completion of tasks.
  2. Participates as an active member of the production team.
  3. Must be receptive to constructive criticism by co-workers and supervisors.
  4. Responsible to use and respect all safety procedures and equipment.
  5. Conducts work within TriOak Foods bio-security guidelines.
  6. All other duties as assigned.
Success Factors: 
  • Demonstrate mechanical ability.
  • A current driver license.
  • Must be insurable.
  • Understand and demonstrate safe work habits.
  • Demonstrate the ability to trouble shoot and repair heater and electrical problems.
  • Understand pumps and plumbing systems.
  • Able to work independently on all mechanical systems.
  • Welding experience.
  • Knowledge of electric testing procedures.
  • Knowledge of the environmental controllers and their functions.
  • Be able to follow instructions from a manual.
  • Must be self-motivated and have pride in work. Persistence in Task Completion:  Able to establish and carry out specific courses of action for self and / or others; willing to commit to long hours of work and personal sacrifice in order to reach goals.
Job Qualifications: 
  • The employee must regularly lift and/or move up to 15 pounds, occasionally lift and /or move up to 100 pounds and sometimes push, pull and help move up to and occasionally in excess of 350 pounds.  Specific vision abilities required by this job include depth perception, the ability to adjust and focus, discern colors and appreciate fine detail.
  • Capable of repeated actions.
  • Able to run hand and power tools.
  • Be responsive to verbal alarms and sounds of animals.
  • Able to communicate and understand oral and written English.
  • Be able to walk and stand for long periods of time on different surfaces including concrete.
  • Be able to climb in and out of crates and over obstacles.
  • Climb ladders and able to get in and out of semi cabs.
  • Maintain balance on all surfaces.
  • Must not own or live near any swine.  Must not live with anyone who has contact with swine.
  • Retain and perform written and spoken instructions.
  • A minimum of 6 months experience in maintenance.
Working Conditions: 
  • During summer months temperatures can be over 100 degrees for entire scheduled work day.
  • During winter months temperatures can be below zero for entire scheduled work day.
  • During and after heavy rains the road in and around the farms can become extremely muddy and difficult to maneuver on.
  • During different job duties the noise inside or outside barns can become very high in decibels.  Posted at every site is a sign of how many decibels different duties are and when hearing protection is mandatory. 
  • Will be exposed daily to odors, dusts and gasses that may be uncomfortable or hazardous if proper procedures are not followed.
  • Will be exposed to electrical boxes and electrical machinery that are not to be entered or repaired by those who are not certified in basic electrical training and/or lock out tag out.
  • Will be exposed daily to procedures that cause contact with hazardous materials. 
  • Benefits: Vision, Medical, and Dental coverage begin after 60 days of employment;
  • Paid Time Off: vacation, and 6 company observed holidays;
  • 401(k):company match begins after the first year of service and follows the company vesting schedule.
  • Better Futures Program– Online Classes or select 2 Year Community College tuition paid for you or your dependents! 
  • Supervisor Development Program: Opportunity to grow your career through leadership training.