Operations Management Support (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Moorefield, West Virginia


Position at Pilgrim's

Position Description: 






Position Description


Position Title:

Waste Water Treatment

Plant Superintendent



Reports to:

Complex Environmental Manager


Waste Water Treatment Plant




Moorefield Prepared Foods

FLSA Status:

Hourly (Non Exempt)

Pay Grade:






Position Summary:   In two - four sentences, what are the end results or purpose of this job?

Position reports to the Complex Environmental Manager with a daily reporting to the Complex ManagerThe person filling this position will Manage the operations of the Prepared Foods WW plant, ensuring all equipment is kept in good working order and the facility runs as it should while meeting all environmental and Safety requirements.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities: List from most important to least important

  • Assisting with operation and maintenance of the wastewater plant facilities and equipment.
  • Ensuring sample collection and assisting with sample analyses.
  • Performs on-site analyses for dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, chlorine
  • Maintains the wastewater lab quality control assurance program by performing sample duplications and spikes necessary to generate quality control charts.
  • Maintains all log books including sampling, maintenance, sludge loading rates, process control monitoring (flow charts, DO pH, temperature, and chlorine checks), lab equipment/maintenance supply log.
  • Maintains chemical supply inventories.
  • Maintains Clean wastewater treatment plant facilities and wastewater pits.
  • Notifies Manager of areas with potential problems.
  • Facilitation of all regulatory audits and follow-ups necessary.
  • Manage WW/Groundskeeping team members on 3 shifts.
  • Maintain payroll and attendance records for the WW team and Groundskeeping.
  • Ensure all PM’s for equipment are completed as required.

Other duties required by the Manager


Supervisory Elements: Quantify and describe briefly (direct, hire, terminate, appraise, recommend, etc)

Responsible for the Management and decision making authority for the Wastewater complex on an hourly and daily basis with guidance from reporting Manager(s) and HR.


Decision Making Authority: Describe with examples and estimate of frequency


Partners must continually make decisions and follow instructions of Manager to perform all job assignments safely and within regulation guidelines.


Continually monitors and performs tasks related at the wastewater treatment facility as well as Groundskeeping...


Customer Focus:

List principal contacts/customers

Internal:  Partners must be able to work in a cooperative manner with hourly, supervisory and

Managerial team members as well as customers and auditors.. 

                                                                                     External:  Requires external contacts and must maintain strict confidence concerning all company related processes and matters.                                                                                                                   






Difficulty of Duties:  Must be willing to pursue obtaining Class I and Class II Wastewater Treatment Works Operator’s Certifications (State of WV, Dept. of Health).



Responsibility for Confidential Information:   Must keep all proprietary information confidential

Education: High School Diploma/GED required

Work Experience:  Past experience in Wastewater Management is preferred

Technical Skills:  Certification in Class I and Class II Wastewater Treatment Operator

Language Skills:  Must possess the ability to communicate and/or read and understand documents such as safety rules, government regulations, etc.  Must be able to read and apply instructions in operating manuals.

Math Skills:  Must have above average math skills.

Reasoning Ability:  See list below:

      Must possess the technical knowledge to properly operate equipment at the waste water treatment facility..

      Must work in a respectful and cooperative manner with others

      Must possess the ability to apply commonsense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.

      Must possess the ability to follow safety rules and to determine safe from unsafe work practices.

      Above average computer skills preferred

      Must possess the ability to understand and follow Waste Water Treatment Plant guidelines and regulations.

Integral Knowledge & Skills:

Qualifications to perform full job at acceptable level

Position Description:  Class I and Class II Wastewater Treatment Works Operator’s Certifications (State of WV, Dept. of Health).




How normally acquired? 


List equipment used: 



Anticipated Work Schedule:


Normal work week: 5 – 6 days (varies)


Typical hours per week:  40 (more or less as needed)


Overtime: As needed


Weekends:  Must be flexible and work weekends as needed.


Physical, Environmental, Situational, and Psychological Elements:



Heavy lifting is required in this position







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