Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Beardstown, Illinois


Position at JBS USA Food Company

Production Supervisor

Position Overview:

This position is responsible for leading the hourly team members to attain production and quality goals while ensuring the safest working environment possible.  The person in this position is responsible for managing and owning various functions of the business and creating an engaged and team-oriented workforce in order to improve business results.


A high performer in this position will identify problems or bottlenecks in production processes and resolve issues; ensure production resources (including materials, equipment, and human resources) are available as needed to maintain product schedules; support continuous improvement goals in safety, quality, cost, and customer service.


Principal Accountabilities:


Operational Leadership (40%)

  • Ensure effective and efficient operations with a culture of continuous improvement. Maintain the production practices that support the food safety program in the facility. Monitor product quality and production operations to meet customer expectations.

Safety (30%)

  • Champion safety processes, ergonomic efforts and creating an environment where all team members hold each other accountable for keeping their co-workers safe.  Actively work to prevent/eliminate hazards that cause injury or illness.

Engaged Employees (30%)

  • Create an environment where all are expected to be active members of the team – involved in the business.  Recognize and celebrate successes. Challenge people to be better than they thought possible. Create opportunities for growth and development. Ensure an inclusive environment that is representative of the local market.


  • High school diploma or GED
  • At least 1 year manufacturing operations work experience
  • 3 points or below on attendance (internal applicants only)


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Bilingual skills
Supervisory experience

JBS is an equal opportunity employer.