Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Grand Island, Nebraska


Position at JBS USA Food Company


Responsible for the efficient and effective operation of all the departments involved in the harvest floor.

Manages daily operation beginning in the livestock pens all the way through to the cooler loading and unloading.

Tracks and ensures acceptable yield levels on all products both carcass, head and offal.

Performs daily safety walks correcting non-compliance issues.

Performs audits on Humane Handling taking corrective action on errors and finding opportunity to improve processes.

Helps develop the management team of the Harvest Floor.

Schedule harvest floor activities such as start time, break time, chain speed, and employee rotation.

Ensures all policies and the collective bargaining agreement is understood and enforced.

Hear grievances at step 1 that are related to the Harvest Floor.

Help address any USDA regulatory issues.

Contributes to the ongoing development of JBS policies and procedures.

Perform other related duties as directed that correspond to the overall function of this position.

Communicate to all levels within the organization of issues involving the harvest floor.

Experience Required:

 Minimum 5 years or experience working on harvest floor as a supervisor or general foreman

High school diploma or GED equivalent preferred but not required

Skills/Abilities Required

 Strong verbal and written communications skills

Demonstrate effective leadership skills

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook

Ability to establish and maintain working relationships and work collaboratively

Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills

Problem solving abilities

Must be able to work in hot temperatures and extended hours (including some weekends)

Must be physically able to move around the harvest floor, maneuvering on and around uneven and slippery surfaces and tight spaces.