Occupational Health Riverside, California


Position at JBS USA Food Company



  • Develops and maintains an efficient occupational health care process appropriate to the needs of the facility with respect to the size and nature of work activities
  • Manages Occupational Health staff and ensures standardized application of policy and quality of nursing care. Ensures adherence to health management protocols, medical directives, policies and procedures and physicians standing orders while following guidelines indicated by Occupational Health Manuel
  • Ensures that appropriate documentation of care provided meets legal requirements and provides continuity of care. Adheres to HIPAA and partner confidentiality to ensure compliance of confidentiality of employee’s personal information. Establishes, maintains, and reviews a recordkeeping system that ensures confidentiality. Adheres to all state and federal regulations including OSHA, Worker’s Compensation, etc. Maintains OSHA log
  • Provides compassionate, quality care to employees. Provides observations, care and counsel for employees with illness or injuries including assessment, first aid, follow-up care, rehabilitation service, and case management. Also provides first aid, minor treatment, counseling, referral and medical liaison for non-occupational health concerns.
  • Coordinates all worker’s compensation management including compliance with requirements of state worker’s compensation regulations, reporting all case that require outside medical care to third party administrator (TPA), and initiation of internal case. Conducts tasks in a professional and effective manner and within legal, ethical, and moral standards of care.
  • Schedules health assessments and evaluation of employees for return-to-work, fitness for duty, and medical surveillance in accordance with health management and safety protocols and the authorized physician’s written directives.
  • Oversees the compliance of the drug and alcohol tests in accordance to company drug and alcohol program administered by the departmental staff.
  • Delivers direct care of employees at the site according to the medical directives within the scope of practice and regulations of the State Nurse Practice Act in the applied state. Adheres to the health management policies, protocols, medical directives, and physicians standing orders according to the scope of practice.
  • May require availability outside of normal business hours.



EDUCATION:    Nursing, Graduate from Associate Degree of Nursing for RN or Diploma of Nursing for RN. Completion of LVN/LPN license


EXPERIENCE:  Minimum of 1 years experience for RN and at least 3 years of experience for LVN/LPN

 BILINGUAL: Spanish - English preferred

SPECIAL SKILLS: Excellent written and oral communication skills; Computer proficient – Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook; Ability to assess patient complaints; Knowledge of state Workers’ Compensation law.

CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATION: Current RN or LVN/LPN license in state of employment. Must obtain certification in urine drug screen and breathe alcohol collections. Current CPR/First Aid/AED Certification required.



INTERNAL:       Internal communication is required on a daily basis with clerical or technical and professional or supervisor level positions. Communication requires considerable explanation and influence on complex issues (e.g. problem-solving skills in the area of responsibilities, finance and/or work flow). Must be diplomatic and adaptable to various communications styles


                EXTERNAL:      External communication is required on a weekly basis with Professional or Supervisor                 level positions. Communications requires considerable explanation and influence on

                        Complex issues (e.g. problem-solving skills in the area of responsibilities, finance and/or work flow). Must be diplomatic and adaptable to various communications styles