Maintenance Louisville, Kentucky


Position at JBS USA


DATE:                                    June 13, 2022                    Closing Date:          Until Filled

POSITION:                            Automation Technician Supervisor (Hands On)                                    

SHIFT:                                   Primarily 1st Shift; some 2nd Shift, Weekends as needed

                                                (must be Flexible)

DEPARTMENT:                  Maintenance/Engineering Department

LOCATION:                          Louisville, KY                              SALARY CLASS:      Exempt


  • Supervisory skills
  • Good interpersonal relations
  • Ability to handle conflict and work under pressure
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Previous meat processing experience


  • Perform on line edits, and program changes within the associated PLC's when needed as well as demonstrate familiarity with logic based control systems across the production facility
  • Manage day to day operation of a automation and scale systems using oneself as well as Maintenance Technicians (Scale Technicians) as the work force
  • Manage day to day operation of several PLC based control systems using oneself as well as Maintenance Technicians (Scale Technicians) as the work force
  • Work with Maintenance Supervisors to help with coverage of production floor as needed for breakdowns, vacations, sick days, training periods, etc.
  • Provide training and technical support to Peers, Technicians, Mechanics and others within the Maintenance/Engineering department.
  • Other responsibilities include knowledge of troubleshooting and replacing malfunctioning components (pneumatics, fluid power, electrical, and mechanical) on industrial refrigeration system as well as other high speed industrial systems and related process control systems.
  • Inspect, clean, treat for corrosion and perform system operational checks on refrigeration system, high speed machinery systems, industrial control systems, and instrumentation systems (from an operational prospective).
  • Monitor working conditions with focus on personal and food safety at all times. Maintain strict adherence to process and procedure standards.
  • Attention and oversight of entire work group to employ good housekeeping habits

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