Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Marshalltown, Iowa


Position at JBS USA

­Ham Boning Floor Supervisor     

Division/Department:  Pork

Location:   Marshalltown

Job title:   Lead Supervisor 2nd Shift Ham Boning

Reports to: Ham Boning Floor Superintendent


Salary Grade:                    



Type of position:






Hours: Monday-Fri if 5 Day Kill Schedule, Tuesday-Saturday if 6 Day Schedule




General Description:


Supervise, evaluate and direct personnel on shift in performing operations according to sound operating principles and company policies and procedures.  Stimulate maximum safety, efficiency and productivity of production workers; ensure proper training of employees.  Anticipate and determine causes of delays in shift operations and take appropriate actions to meet production schedules.  Apply company employee relations and union contract policies in all dealing with employees.  Monitor and confirm that machinery, equipment and facilities are properly maintained and sanitized for efficient production.  Arrange to have appropriate production records prepared and maintained (i.e., payroll, yields).  Work closely with other production supervisors and management to promote efficiency and teamwork in each department and in plant facility.  Attend meetings as scheduled or called.  Perform various other duties as needed or as assigned.


Required skills:

  • Extensive knowledge and technical skill in a variety of production jobs.
  • Supervisory skills; good interpersonal relations; ability to handle conflict.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to speak multiple languages beneficial.
  • Minimum of 5 years proven supervisory experience in the Pork or Beef industry


Education Requirements (if applicable)

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • College experience recommended.


Approved byVicky Cervantes

Titlle: Employment Manager

           Posting Date:   06/29/2022                                             Closing Date:  07/09/2022

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