Hourly Production Concord, North Carolina


Position at Pilgrim's


Microbial Plating

  • QA tech will be responsible for conducting microbial plating throughout the hatchery
    • Plating will be done on weekly and monthly basis depending on location
    • Plating schedules/locations will be determined by hatchery management and assigned to QA tech

Processing Duties

  • Chick Rectal Temps
    • Chick rectal temps must be taken using a Cooper TM99A each morning before processing from hatchers that are pre-determined by hatchery management.
  • Chick Box Counts
    • QA Tech will assist the processing lead with Chick box counts
    • Must conduct a count of each flock that hatches each day to ensure 100 chicks per box

Chemical Monitoring

  • Klarion
    • QA Tech will be responsible for reading and recording Klarion Cleaner and Sanitizer pH levels
    • This is required at least twice weekly
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • QA tech is responsible for monitoring Hydrogen Peroxide levels and notifying management if they are out of spec
  • Additional Monitoring as needed
    • Will be notified by Management

Vaccine Mixing

  • QA tech will be trained to backup both the processing vaccine mixer as well as inovo vaccine mixer.


Other duties and responsibilities as required by management may also come availble

Incumbents will have a 2 to 4 year college or university Degree or diploma in an appropriate scientific discipline or equivalent experience, preferably supplemented by 2 – 4 years of related experience within the food processing sector. Experience with meat processing equipment and product specifications will be beneficial
Proficiency with Microsoft software applications is required, as are excellent communication skills, both written and oral
An ability to utilize standard statistical methodology and good analytical capabilities are essential for success in this position

Must develop an understanding of proper handling of hazardous materials
Understanding and ability to modify HACCP processes and procedures as they relate to food processing requirements.
USDA requirements for Food safety and quality
Training Requirements:
Safety and Health Orientation
Lockout Training Requirements:
General Lockout Procedure training