Rebuild Specialist (Maintenance)

Maintenance Atlanta, Georgia Huntsville, Alabama Riverside, California Souderton, Pennsylvania DesMoines, Iowa


Position at Pilgrim's

Rebuild Specialist


Provides oversight and leadership for rebuilding critical processing equipment as a component of Pilgrims Maintenance Pillar.  Creates rebuild schedules for multiple locations and coordinates with those locations to ensure quality rebuilds are performed in a timely fashion.  Drives continuous improvement in the rebuild process to improve reliability and lower total cost of ownership of processing equipment.



  • Performs routine rebuilds with assistance from local plant mechanics.
  • Provides guidance in continuous improvement of rebuild procedures.
  • Serves as the Pilgrims equipment expert on processing equipment.
  • Communicates with plant management regarding status of rebuilds prior to leaving site.
  • Coordinates with Training Managers at locations to help create content for training program.
  • Assists with evaluation of mechanics to validate skills for training progression.
  • Must be able to travel 90% of time, with overnight stays of 4-5 days typically including weekends. 
  • Respond to periodic emergency call-outs to return plants to normal operation.
  • Provides training to mechanics and other Rebuild Specialists to expand equipment knowledge.
  • Must be able to work independently and exhibit Pilgrim values to uphold Maintenance Pillar.
  • Must be able to traverse processing areas and equipment.




Technical college degree preferred but not required.



Requires a minimum of 10 years of DIRECTLY RELATED experience. Preferred extensive experience with first processing rotating equipment.  Multiple OEM experience preferred.