Vineyards Santa Barbara, California


Position at Jackson Family Wines


General Description of Duties:

This position will have advanced Tractor Driving abilities and be able to operate and maintain specialized over-the-vine equipment in narrow space vineyards.  In addition, candidate must be able to learn and correctly utilize and operate specialized implements for pre-pruning, mowing, cultivation, spraying and harvesting activities.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

      Operate all instruments and levers for safe and correct operation of Over the Vine equipment and all attachments manufactured for it. (E.g. mowers, harvester, pre-pruner, sprayer, compost spreader, under the vine cultivator, etc..)

      Operate variety of farm cultivation equipment including a variety of tractors, wheeled and track type, rippers, trenchers.

      Thorough knowledge of safety protocol for spray application, PTO safety, Hydrolic operation, safely remove and hook up a variety of custom implements.

      Demonstrate highest level of care for equipment and use of Personal Protective Equipment.

      Must be able to work days and or nights during harvest and spray season.

      Must be able to pass a fitness test for respirator use.


Specific Duties:

  • Operate over-the-vine equipment and all modules developed for this equipment.
  • Obtain thorough knowledge of systems involved with over-the-vine equipment.
  • Thorough knowledge of pesticide applications and calibration of sprayers. PPE.
  • Perform daily maintenance of equipment, as well as troubleshoot and report problems.
  • Instruct and oversee personnel operating support equipment.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.



Employment Status:

Permanent full-time hourly position with full benefits.


Immediate Staff:



Experience and Training:

Requires a minimum of a High School degree or equivalent, plus 2-3 years of vineyard equipment operation and mechanical maintenance experience.  Must be able to speak, read and write English.  Spanish language is a plus. Ability to mix chemicals at times lifting over 20 to 40 lbs at times.









Summary:Entry Level OTV Driver



Experience and Training:


An entry level OTV driver must have demonstrated an ability to safely operate a wide variety of small and large farm cultivating equipment. This includes narrow row tractors and the larger cab type tractors as well as a variety of tire and track style cultivation equipment. The ability to correctly read and understand equipment gauges is a must. Must demonstrate attention and commitment to conducting the pre-operation checklist of equipment to ensure safety and avoid damage to equipment.


They must also have the ability to understand the dynamic of basic hydrolics and PTO as it pertains to the operation of the pressure systems incorporated into the design of the OTV vehicle. They must also be able to multi-task as the equipment requires a high degree of focus to detail in both the forward movement of the machine as well as the correct ground level function of its implements. They must also be able to perform in a highly focused mode for long periods of time during harvest and spray and cultivation season while driving through very tight spacing with a full array of implementations.


They must also be able to understand how the various systems interact and utilize the equipment accordingly and not misuse or abuse the intended design causing damage to the equipment and instruments.






Summary:Experienced Level OTV Driver



Experience and Training:


An experienced OTV driver must possess the ability to correctly operate a wide variety of specialized Over the Vine equipment. This includes demonstrating a mastery of learned systems operations for the equipment including all gauges, motors, and hydrolics. They will demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot a wide variety of implement problems and made corrections that permit them to complete their scheduled assignments with little down time.  They also will have the ability to make suggestions or recommendations to the mechanics for new design development for the creation of custom implements to increase efficiency of the machinery.


They must also have developed a high degree of efficiency in the operation of the equipment that is demonstrated by reduced breakdown time and increased production in comparison to newly trained operators.


They must also be able to be able to operate a wide variety of different OTV equipment which have their own specific implements and different design characteristics which require a gained expertise to operate efficiently and effectively.

Pay Range:

$21.08 $25.55 $30.02 per hour


  • Health insurance – medical, dental, vision, disability & life insurance
  • 401k with employer match
  • Vacation accrual; 12 paid holidays; 72 hours for Health & Wellness
  • Learning & Development opportunities
  • Wine discounts!

At Jackson Family Wines, we respect, celebrate, and take pride in each other’s differences. Together we nurture a culture that embraces fairness, acceptance and belonging. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion drive our best innovation, enrich our employees, and connect us to our customers and global community. We aspire to evolve in our commitment for a better future and one that is rooted for good.

 This job requisition and salary range are effective as of January 1st, 2023. All company job requisitions prior to January 1st, 2023 are null and void.