Client Success Manager

Client Services Morrisville, North Carolina


Position at iContact

A Customer Success Manager’s (CSM) role is to engage and retain iContact’s Small Business population. A CSM will onboard new customers and work with their existing customer base to identify risk factors and upsell opportunities. As cancellation requests are presented, a CSM will work to reduce churn by identifying the reason for the request, and presenting solutions as necessary.

The Customer Success team will proactively engage with SMB accounts by leveraging different tools to establish an ongoing relationship with customers using the product. Each CSM will present solutions through education, and offer resources needed to help clients get the most out of their efforts.

Essential Functions:
-Engage with new customers and identify their onboarding needs.
-Maintain and grow a book of business by retaining existing customers and encouraging product adoption.
-Utilize Salesforce and ChurnZero daily to identify needs and reach out to customers who would benefit from CSM assistance.
-Communicate with clients on a one-on-one basis, and offer recommendations that help them get the most out of their email marketing efforts and iContact.
-Provide coverage of phone and email queues for cancellation requests from 9-5pm Mon-Fri with occasional holiday or weekend coverage as necessary.
-Engage with customers around their schedule using screen sharing, appointment scheduling software, and the engagement panel within iContact.


-Proficient knowledge of the iContact product, email marketing best practices, and digital marketing strategy.
-Ability to identify customer needs by asking probing questions and responding with value added content.
-Appropriately utilize software to connect with customers through different communication channels.
-Solutions oriented approach to recommending action items for customers.
-Appropriately manage tasks in the role through efficient time management.
-Ability to manage inbound and outbound client requests as a team to ensure that there is sufficient coverage of the customer care queue.
- Professionally represent themselves and iContact in all interactions.