Dev Ops Engineer - Ziff Media Group

Engineering Austin, Texas


Position at


  • Proficient with core AWS technologies: EC2, RDS, VPC Networking, Cloudformation, IAM
  • Production experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Database admin experience, preferably with Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake
  • Some programming experience, preferably with one or more of: Ruby, Go, Scala
  • Linux expert
  • Experience using git for source control
  • Strong problem solving and analytical thinking
  • Great communication skills


  • Create and improve Docker images for a variety of application types
  • Create and administer relational databases in RDS and Snowflake - user access, security, performance, scaling
  • Create and improve developer tools, e.g. for deployment
  • Administer a Rancher Kubernetes cluster
  • Create Terraform templates for infrastructure in AWS
  • Setup monitoring and metrics using Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Kibana, Pingdom, NewRelic,, VictorOps
  • Respond to site and service outages with an on-call schedule
  • Work with software engineers and managers to support their usage of our services and platform
  • Improve and standardize processes, and create documentation
  • Continually improve our infrastructure


  • College degree in a related field
  • 2+ years of production DevOps experience