Senior Telecom Specialist

Technical Support Hollywood, California


Position at J2 Cloud Services

Job Duties:

  • Support Telecom Operations and service tickets assigned to that group.  Tickets may include but not necessarily be limited to support of production systems, support of corporate phone systems, porting, vendor service requests, and other items relating to the duties of the Telecom group.  
  • Identify and introduce new and emerging technologies into the J2 telecom infrastructure utilizing the appropriate internal resources.
  • Interface with and assist the Carrier Relationship Manager by conducting vendor searches and initial price negotiations when necessary.
  • Lead the coordination, design and implementation of circuits and sip trunk groups for pilots, proof of concepts and production environment, while ensuring no single points of failure. 
  • Responsible for coordination of telecom projects and activities including but not limited to large ports, circuit orders, co-lo configuration and setup, co-lo consolidations, rate negotiations, etc. 
  • Responsible for problem identification, tracking and resolution of tickets opened by Customer Service and Network Operations Center.  Also responsible for updating ticket status through resolution.
  • Serve as escalation contact for trouble tickets. Escalate within carrier management organizations to expedite resolution.  Escalate within J2 telecom or among other J2 groups according to established processes. 
  • Coordinate, schedule and perform all moves, adds, and changes in the corporate phone system.  Provision phones and telecom circuits and equipment as requested in accordance with established SLAs and OLAs. 
  • Track telecom asset inventory and ensure that all relocated or decommissioned asset records are updated in the asset tracking system. 
  • Stage, program, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot telecom equipment in J2 corporate headquarters, data centers, and remote sites utilizing internal resources where needed.
  • Coordinate and perform scheduled maintenance on corporate telecom systems within headquarters as well as on remote field equipment.
  • Test all new DID numbers before release to provisioning.   Submit, track, verify and coordinate database changes so that the DID inventory is accurate and timely. 
  • Manage the international and domestic inventory utilizing internal resources.
  • Perform project support when required.
  • Assist the telecom department in performing changes that create savings opportunities for J2.
  • Perform all other job duties as assigned by management. 
  • Some travel may be required.

Job Requirements and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent is required.
  • 10+ years work experience in telecom with at least 7+ years of Telecom debugging and troubleshooting skills.  Note that no formal training is provided as part of this job. 
  • Candidate must have advanced telecom skills (debugging, preparation of service and circuit specifications, vendor negotiation, carrier escalations, etc.) and be able to be productive within 30 days.  Productivity is measured in terms of cost savings, improved operating efficiencies and exceptional quality of service delivery. 
  • 10+ years’ experience with telecom service contracts; experience with co-location services is a plus.
  • 8+ years working with major carriers in the delivery side of the business
  • 8+ years with combined networks, VoIP, SIP, FoIP, G.711/726/729, T.38 and wireless technologies. 
  • Candidate must have project management skills and a proven record of successful project success.  
  • Exceptional communication skills are required.  Candidate must be able to effectively communicate with managers, end users, co-workers as well as outside vendors and to interpret and convey a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form. A writing sample will be required.
  • Experience working with monitoring and packet analysis tools such as VOIPmon and wireshark preferred  
  • Multiple language fluency is a plus, especially in German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, or French.
  • Candidate must be able to multitask and prioritize workload in a dynamic environment, and be able to work effectively in a team environment to accomplish organizational goals.
  • Candidate must have planning and problem-solving skills.  Candidate must have the ability to logically and objectively analyze a problem, identify and isolate the root cause, propose and implement a solution.
  • Candidate must be conversant in the telecom business and understand new and emerging technologies.  Candidate must be able to research and assess new issues and their respective applicability at J2, as well as make use of trade reference documents, online resources and corporate historical archives, as required. 
  • Candidate must be proficient with Microsoft Project, Visio, PowerPoint, Excel and Word.  Advanced knowledge of data filtering, summarizing, and reporting in Excel is a big plus.
  • Flexibility and objectivity are an absolute necessity for this challenging, but rewarding position.  This is a shift-based position and some local travel may be required.