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Position at Prime Education

PRIME is looking for a Sr. Manager, Education & Research Strategy to join its Business Development team. This person will be responsible for identifying and understanding the needs of healthcare stakeholders to determine how PRIME’s research-informed educational offerings can be applied effectively to improve knowledge, quality, and performance. In order to do so, s/he will conduct research to determine where gaps responsible for variations in care exist and leverage the organization’s quantitative and qualitative data from current and past projects to formulate strategies and insights that help facilitate new business. This work will include identifying key stories and themes from outcomes associated with PRIME’s learning interventions and collaborating with the Clinical and Research teams on how to utilize this data as a mechanism for demonstrating impact. The Sr. Manager will then be expected to effectively package this information together in order to compliantly communicate the efficacy of PRIME’s work in driving behavior change that improves quality health outcomes to potential customers. S/he will also be responsible for managing current customer relationships. This will involve working with the Operations and Research teams to provide ongoing updates, including salient points related to the impact of the program that customers can share with their internal teams. It is also expected that s/he will be able to use this information to make recommendations for future projects, where appropriate. By effectively communicating the value of PRIME’s approach with research and learning interventions to new and existing customers, the Sr. Manager will be able to drive new business and increase the organization’s footprint in the marketplace.


Position Duties

·       Apply existing data or assist in collecting new data to confirm perceived educational gaps (e.g. variations in care and concurrent influences of knowledge, confidence, systems, and clinical workflows)

·       Identify potential customers and compliantly build relationships to facilitate new business 

·       Help package and deliver key insights to existing and potential customers as a demonstration of the need for and impact of learning interventions

·       Collaborate with the Clinical team to develop strategies for innovative, educational offerings that effectively address gaps responsible for variations in care 

·       Work with the Research team to compile insights that demonstrate the impact of PRIME’s educational interventions

·       Provide ongoing updates to customers in accordance with program timelines and articulate how outcomes can be utilized by the customers’ internal teams 

·       Identify opportunities for new projects based on learnings from current programs 

·       Effectively communicate the impact of PRIME’s work in improving quality health outcomes, as demonstrated in its peer-reviewed publications and poster presentations, to potential customers 

·       Uncover new opportunities to advance the organization’s approaches to medical education and research


Candidate Requirements:

·       Knowledgeable in the current healthcare environment

·       Understanding of the unfolding paradigm shifts occurring in healthcare research and medical education

·       Minimum of 5 years of experience in business development 

·       Excellent oral and written communication skills

·       Excellent organizational skills

·       Previous experience in continuing medical education (CME) is preferred

·       Bachelor’s degree in a related field