Technical Support Lead, KeepItSafe

Client Support Oslo, Norway


Position at j2 Cloud Services

The KeepltSafe Technical Support Lead role is a senior technical position in the KeepltSafe backup business. The Technical Support Lead plays a key role in coaching and mentoring other engineers in the team both in terms of their technical skills and their customer and case handling.

The Technical Support Lead also plays a key role in providing inputs to management on addressing any performance issues, both in terms of staff (i.e. coaching staff to improve their performance) and network operations (identifying any operational risks in the business and working with management and network operations to get them addressed.

The Technical Support Lead is also expected to formulate and deliver or facilitate training for new hires as well as developing training opportunities for existing staff that will help the business deliver an excellent service to customers.

The Technical Support Lead fosters a knowledge-sharing environment, both locally and in co-operation with other support centres regionally and globally.

Job Duties:  

Support Lead operational goals (50% weighting)

  • Coach Level-1 (L-1) engineers on appropriate case and backup handling
  • Build L-1 engineers' technical knowledge in your areas of expertise
  • Perform and document (in CRM) regular case reviews, giving engineers feedback on their technical approach and case handling, giving clear actions where appropriate
  • Work with manager to address any L-1 engineer performance concerns, including lack of response to L-2 feedback
  • Support management team in driving continuous improvement initiatives and identify new opportunities to improve the service provided to customers
  • Backup success: ensure the team maintains a successful backup rate for myclient-monitored backups sets of 90%+
  • For non-myclient-monitored backup sets, ensure the team adheres to monitoring guideL1nes (i.e. tier 1/ tier 2 monitoring levels for Asigra, daily for DR/ L1veVault)
  • Work with manager and customers to ensure that the team prioritises critical backup issues (e.g. SQL, mail servers)
  • Be flexible when the business requires, to deal with critical customer issues outside of business hours, including availability for on-call


Individual contribution (10% weighting)

    • Backup success: maintain a successful backup rate for myclient-monitored backups sets of 90%+
    • For non-mycL1ent-monitored backup sets, ensure that monitoring guidelines are adhered to (i.e. tier 1/ tier 2 monitoring levels for Asigra, daily for DR/ L1veVault)
  • Respond to assigned SRs:
    • Within one hour of create time for critical issues (e.g. restores)
    • Within two business hours of create time for non-critical issues
    • Work with manager and customers to ensure that critical backup issues (e.g. SQL, mail servers) are prioritized and dealt with on priority
  • Be available to take incoming calls from customers
  • Work with the sales team to identify and reaL1se opportunities for business development (e.g. moving customers to enterprise solutions where appropriate, identifying opportunities to build on current business)
  • Work with manager, sales and accounts teams to raise and deal with customer account issues (e.g. flight risks, setting service expectations)


Case handling (20% weighting)

  • Demonstrate exemplary case and customer handL1ng in cases you own - the L2's case handL1ng should be what we want L-1 engineers to emulate
  • Drive a quality support culture in the team by ensuring that L-1 engineers:
  • Ensure customers receive quality interactions (phone, LogMeln sessions, mail)
  • Clearly document all activity in cases, including customer contact events, action plans, troubleshooting efforts etc. with clear actions, results and next steps
  • Demonstrate a clear bias towards pro-active case handling emphasizing telephone and remote session interactions over email
  • Ensure customers with open cases are contacted on a regular basis (i.e. every three working days for non-critical cases and daily for critical cases)
  • Ensure adequate documentation is compiled (handover) and sent to colleagues when going on extended annual leave (3 days or more)
  • Manage customer expectations by maintaining regular contact and archive cases if the customer is unresponsive or needs time to implement action plans (while continuing to monitor the backup job)


Development and knowledge sharing (20% weighting)

  • Develop and deliver training sessions both to improve service deL1very and faciL1tate the development of colleagues in and outside of your immediate team
  • Knowledge Management:
    • Take a lead role in the creation and management of KB content for your areas of expertise
    • Create and contribute to knowledge base articles
    • Link your resolved cases to exiting knowledge base articles
    • Drive global knowledge-sharing and communications by actively engaging colleagues from other support centres worldwide at every opportunity
    • Facilitate forums, brown bags or other knowledge-sharing sessions for your area(s) of expertise
    • Assist and coach colleagues wherever you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience

Job Requirements and Experience:  

  • Minimum 3 years' experience in technical support
  • Experience of working with CRM to document communications and technical troubleshooting
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to clearly communicate concepts, processes and troubleshooting methodology to colleagues and customers
  • Experience with backup & recovery software
  • Experience with planning and executing system restores and site recoveries
  • Advanced networking and server troubleshooting skills
  • In-depth technical knowledge of Windows Operating Systems
  • Working knowledge of Linux, VMware, HyperV, Storage
  • Experience of working with database technology including MS SQL Server
  • Programing experience is a bonus.
  • In-depth understanding of concepts of Security, Encryption, Compression, the Cloud, Big Data, File Systems Preferred
  • Experience of instaL-11ng, configuring and troubleshooting one or more of Ahsay, Asigra, DR, LiveVault or Druva backup/ DR solutions