Multimedia Specialist - Prime Education

Information Technology Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Position at Prime Education

The Multimedia Specialist is a member of the Technology Solutions Team and reports to the Technology Solutions Manager. He/she is responsible to direct, shoot, edit, and produce finished multimedia products for publication on the company’s websites and social media as directed, and on other platforms as assigned. He/she will be responsible for all video production and post-production of quality educational programs, including preparation of video for playback on streaming services, PowerPoint presentations, tablets, TVs, and other devices.


The Multimedia Specialist will coordinate and conduct dry-run trainings for expert faculty and moderators related to live webinars/webcasts, and will run the subsequent actual live webinars from a technical perspective. In this role, he/she will be solely responsible to ensure the quality, timeliness, and efficient set-up and delivery of the live webinar, and be able to quickly and efficiently trouble-shoot any technology issues impacting faculty, participants, and moderators. He/she will decide on which equipment to ship and provide to remote talent, and troubleshoot technical issues including network interference, video quality degradation, hardware failure, and other unforeseen consequences of internet-based and remote recordings. He/she will also conduct pre- and post-webinar obligations outlined in the Position Duties.


The Multimedia Specialist is solely responsible for the creative direction of each individual project, to ensure maximum quality utilizing minimum personnel and company resources, while maintaining the underlying expectation of the educational programming. He/she will also assist the Senior Graphic Designer as needed in graphic design and educational program formatting and layout. He/she will plan and conduct video studio recordings as outlined in the Position Duties, including set-up, execution and tear-down.  


Position Duties:

  • Prepare time-efficient outlines and taping schedules based on project needs
  • Coordinate effectively with the content team to efficiently plan, shoot, and direct quality educational video and audio
  • Conduct high-quality and detail-oriented audio and video editing of raw recordings to produce polished multimedia educational programs in a timely manner
  • Prepare and effectively optimize multimedia content for web and other platforms
  • Format PowerPoint slide decks as needed, and synchronize slides with video
  • Conduct technical dry-runs of live webinars/webcasts, providing professional training for expert faculty, moderators, and staff
  • Purchase or coordinate the purchase of necessary equipment for recordings
  • Conduct all scheduled live webinars, including technical set-up of the platform, faculty hardware, audio clarity, video quality checks, and technical trouble-shooting throughout the live event with participants, faculty, and moderators
  • Ensure all elements of webinar functionality are performed before and after the live event, including join link, pre/post tests, final presentation slides, handouts, accessible credit link, Q&A, total attended counts, and other necessary elements
  • Plan and execute studio/room rentals as needed, including camera equipment, lighting, seating, backdrop, and other elements of remote or outsourced tapings
  • Proficiently operate all studio equipment during live faculty tapings and professionally communicate with expert faculty to ensure high-quality tapings
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Candidate Requirements:

  • Applicants must include a video portfolio to be considered 
  • Minimal Associates degree in multimedia design or a related graphic arts concentration
  • Proficiency in Adobe Create Suite, including Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, and other CC software
  • Proficiency in directing professional faculty and/or actors, including stage design, lighting, green screen setup, multi-angle shots, B-Roll, multicam, and the ability to efficiently convey the finished product and taping expectations to talent
  • Proficiency with camera and audio hardware, including DSLR cameras, HD/4K footage, sound engineering, backup recording, multi-track recording, lavaliers, still photography, B-Roll, and related elements of video/audio/scene capture
  • Knowledge or experience with third-party editing tools and specialized plugins such as RX Advanced, Beauty Box, DeFlicker, Red Giant plugins, and others
  • Excellent time management and multi-tasking skills to perform efficient and quality-driven multimedia work under tight deadlines
  • Excellent computer file organization, naming/versioning, and footage archiving
  • Excellent communication skills in collaborating with expert faculty, moderators, internal staff and external vendors
  • Ability to make quick, effective decisions and problem-solve under pressure


Physical Requirements

  • Light to medium physical effort (lift-carry up to 50 pounds)
  • Ability to drive a car
  • Occasional-to-frequent walking and standing
  • Manual dexterity for efficient regular/daily use of camera equipment, computer, keyboard, printer and office equipment
  • Occasional-to-frequent reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling and crouching