Video Producer (Part-Time) - Mashable

Video Remote - United States


Position at Mashable

The Details

The editor will work closely with the  supervising producer and scriptwriter to edit short text-on-screen videos about science and technology for Mashable and PCMag.

Candidates don't need a background in tech or science, but a willingness to learn and an attention to detail are imperative.

Candidates should be fast and careful, able to edit a quick video in a single day, and willing to quickly raise a hand if there's a problem or help is needed.

The Day-to-Day

  • Editing short tech and science videos for Mashable and PCMag using Adobe Premiere
  • Creating video thumbnails from Adobe Photoshop templates
  • Writing short scripts sourced from news articles¬†
  • Pitching videos about new technology and scientific advancements

Must Haves

  • Able to edit video quickly, with a minimum of errors
  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop