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Rights and Licensing Expert – Chisinau, Moldova


POSITION TITLE: Rights and Licensing Expert

REPORTS TO: Project Director

LOCATION: Eastern Europe Region. Teleworking is possible.

DEADLINE: November 11, 2022



IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing thought leadership and innovative programs to promote positive lasting change. IREX works with partners in more than 100 countries in four areas essential to progress: cultivating leaders, empowering youth, strengthening institutions, and increasing access to quality education. IREX has operated in Moldova since 1997, enabling local individuals and institutions to develop key elements of a vibrant society—including quality education, free access to information and technology for development, independent media, and programming on issues of youth development and gender issues—resulting in stronger local communities. More details are available at www.irex.org.    



IREX seeks a rights and licensing expert, represented by an individual or company, to support Russian-Language Television Content Fund in Moldova (RLTCF), to research and identify ownership of desired regional TV entertainment programming, negotiate and secure procurement.


The rights and licensing expert will assess the fair value of licensing programs for the Moldovan market, advise on prices for individual programs and suggest package discount opportunities as well as guide on additional requirements that program owners require. The expert will act as a mediator between IREX and the distributor/s of content.


IREX plans to acquire and secure content for independent, national Moldovan TV channels willing to diversify their grid with licensed entertainment content in Russian language. The general target audience for this content is represented by the Russian-speaking population from Moldova aged between 30-45 years old. The licensed content should be scripted TV series (drama, melodrama, comedy, or other similar content close to Moldovan context and culture), whose production and/or airing abroad started in 2014, with a minimum of 2 seasons (or 35 episodes). The duration of the episode should be a minimum of 23 minutes long. The individual expert or company/organization should secure the procurement of content within a maximum of 60 days framework since the signing of contractual arrangements.


More details on the Russian-Language Television Content Fund can be found on the following link.



Illustrative tasks and deliverables may consist of the following and will be completed in close cooperation with the IREX team:


  • Identify rights holders of desired television programming in Russian language from neighboring regional markets, including but not limited to Ukrainian, Baltic, and Polish distribution houses
  • Identify scripted television entertainment content based on a set of specific requirements described above and provided by the RLTCF
  • Establish contact and secure partnership with the rights holders
  • Value rights as applicable to Moldova
  • Negotiate to secure broadcast rights in Russian language if the original language of the content is other than Russian
  • Offer advice on peculiarities of securing international rights, specifically with the distributors
  • Ensure access to licensed content is provided to the current request within agreed framework
  • Provide advice and recommendations on the local contractual arrangements to be secured with Moldovan broadcasters.




  • Demonstrated ability to conduct research and analysis
  • Proven experience in acquisition of TV licensed content
  • Strong understanding of the political, economic, and media landscape at the regional level as well as intricacies of securing international rights in Moldova
  • Proven recent experience with distributors from Ukraine, Baltic countries, and Poland on procurement of television entertainment content
  • Professional level fluency in written and spoken Russian and/or English, required
  • Relevant bachelor’s degree in a related field, preferred.


To Apply: Please apply via IREX website, including the following information


  • Resume of the expert/profile of the company
  • Proposed timeline to secure procurement of content within the proposed time framework, including but not limited to the brief description of the process, number of days, initial proposed TV series for Moldova landscape, and estimated budget for procurement of content
  • Cover letter that includes the remuneration range requirements by November 11, 2022.


IREX may at its discretion ask for additional information. Issuing this call does not commit IREX to select any candidate. IREX reserves the right, based on availability of funding and consultant performance, to increase the duration and/or enter into subsequent contractual agreements with the selected Consultant without re-publicizing the opportunity. 


Late submissions will only be considered if in the best interests of the project, and then only at IREX’s sole discretion. IREX has the right to withdraw this announcement at any time.