Sales and Market Research Consultant, CALI

International Kenya



Support the Center of Applied Learning and Impact (CALI) in market research and sales of a product focused on skills development for companies in sub-Saharan Africa – Employee Essential Skills.  This position will work on providing feedback to contextualize marketing and market research tools, identifying potential clients, and engaging decision-makers at companies to conduct market research and convert them into IREX customers.


At IREX, we leverage our 51 years of expertise in training 
to offer a skills training for the workforce—the Employee Essential Skills Suite. The Suite is a tailored skills development and learning solution for companies which strengthens employee essential skills—transferable and interpersonal skills proven to improve work performance—focusing on capabilities that are most in demand within companies. The Suite improves productivity, collaboration, adaptability and learning cultures within and between company teams while improving organizational performance. 


  • Leverages and cultivates relationships for the purpose of conducting market research, sales and long-term strategic partnership building. 
  • Engages contacts in decision-making positions at corporations and organizations to conduct market research about an IREX skills development product for employees 
  • Has skills to market IREX products in an appealing way to convert potential company clients into customers. 
  • Provides input about IREX communication productsmarket research tools and market research. 


  • Has demonstrated capacity to cultivate and leverage relationships for the purpose of conducting market research, sales and partnership development. 
  • Demonstrated ability to leverage wide network of contacts in decision-making positions at local corporations and organizations.  
  • Demonstrated business development and sales skills; and ability to achieve business development and sales goals. 
  • Knowledge and experience in market research using polls and surveys in local contexts.  
  • Demonstrated ability to market products in an appealing way for the market.  
  • Experience and/or coursework related to human resources (HR), business development, sales and market research. 
  • Experience in human resources (HR) within the local context at corporations and organizations a plus.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. 
  • Strong follow through and attention to detail to deliver results.
  • Ethical fiber and professionalism 
  • Strong collaboration skills to work well with others, with cultural sensitivity.
  • Ability to leverage virtual collaboration tools and technologies to effectively work with colleagues in other locations and time zones.