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The IREX MEND Program: The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is implementing  

the USAID-funded Media Empowerment for a Democratic Sri Lanka (MEND) program. The goal of MEND  

is to improve citizens’ access to balanced and reliable news and information, and to support Sri Lanka’s  

efforts to strengthen media freedom and democratic governance.  

Summary: Under the MEND program, IREX works with various groups of media stakeholders, from  

media outlets to freelance journalists and media associations, to strengthen their capacity to play an  

independent and responsible role in society.  

A severe shortage of foreign currency has led to the worst economic crisis in Sri Lanka’s history. The  

country is experiencing shortages in essentials, including fuel, leading to debilitating power cuts lasting up  

to 13 hours. In addition, Sri Lanka is witnessing soaring inflation and a rapidly depreciating Rupee. This  

pushed citizens to the streets, and in addition to an economic crisis, Sri Lanka was faced with a  

debilitating pollical crisis. Several instances of clashes have been reported across Sri Lanka, with violence  

and crime on the rise. The country has been placed under several States of Emergency, with the most  

recent being declared on July 18, 2022. The country is tense, and journalists are on the front lines  

covering these events.  

IREX/MEND program seeks to provide media practitioners and social communicators with the basic  

skills and knowledge needed to continue operating in such a climate. The program is looking to work  

with experts in the field of physical, cyber and psychosocial security, to offer workshops and mentoring  

to journalists on the ground.  

Duties and Responsibilities: Selected individuals be asked to work closely with IREX staff members to  

deliver high quality, needs-based assistance and mentoring. Specifically, this may include:  

Offering needs-based mentoring to beneficiaries  

Producing a comprehensive training session plan clearly indicating the methodologies  

Preparing relevant learning materials. IREX staff can provide translation assistance if needed.  

Delivering high quality virtual training(s)  

Other duties may be added per the needs of IREX or partners  

Qualifications: Individuals will have extensive experience and a variety of skills to uplift the capacity of  

partners. Specifically, trainers should have:  

At least three years’ experience working for international media development agencies as a lead  

trainer in one or more of the themes mentioned above.  

A high level of practical experience or demonstrated knowledge in a range of skills related to the  

themes mentioned above, to provide highly customized trainings.  

Speaking, reading and writing proficiency in English  

Strong interpersonal skills, work ethic, ability to work in a multicultural environment, and work  


Demonstrated ability to plan strategically and creatively to meet objectives.  

Strong ability to anticipate challenges and generate solutions.  

Previous consultants/service providers will be considered for this post, with past performance used as a  

major part of the selection process. Selected consultants may be approved for multiple or no consulting  

agreements during the period of the program.  

Compensation: This is considered a consultancy position and selected individuals/organizations will be  

paid a daily rate determined by IREX.  

How to apply: Interested individuals/organizations are asked to submit a letter of application clearly  

stating which thematic area(s) for which they can provide training, a CV with summaries of prior training  

experience and previous work in a similar field, and their proposed daily rates ($).  

Deadlines: Application for this position will be considered on a rolling basis. Applications should be sent  

to mendapplications@irex.org or SKavinth@irex.org. IREX has the right to withdraw this announcement  

at any time.