Senior Photo Editor

Design & Production Los Angeles, California


Fodor’s Travel is looking for a visual storyteller responsible for deep photo research, photo licensing, and photo prep for all print travel guides, online slideshows, articles, and other marketing related materials.  In this role you should be able to pull together complex photo assignments, perform agency research, and communicate with PR companies and tourism agencies worldwide. A thorough understanding of the nuances between print and digital photo usage is required.  Strong organizational skills to track budgets, photo use, licensing, and a background in project management is desired. We are a fast-paced, lean team producing over 45 travel guides per year, in addition to multiple daily .com articles and/or slideshows. The ability to work well with others, as a team, while juggling multiple assignments is crucial to success in this role.  You must also possess the ability to manage, foster, and train junior level staff while still shouldering a good portion of the photo research, licensing, and prep work. And finally, the right candidate will have a passion for photography, journalism, and a love for travel.

Day to Day Job Duties:
- Work with editors and art dept to identify photography needs for each book and source all images required (up to 55 books per year, currently).
- Work with the online team to acquire assets to illustrate all online slideshows and articles.
- Manage all photo credits necessary for proper photo use.
Manage all photo licensing documentation and track use details for each image.
Manage, train, & hire (as needed) a small staff of junior employees and off-shore contractors.
Maintain photo budget and deadlines.
- Contacts with photographers and other outlets for creative (and inexpensive) ideas to obtain images.
- Manage photo galleries and databases.
- Project manage multiple assignments in a fast-paced deadline driven environment.
- Review, edit and manipulate photos to achieve the highest quality using the appropriate tools (Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom).  Supports all aspects of photo editing including color correction.
- Stay up to date with new imaging techniques, technologies and best-practices.
- Manage photo metadata practices.

- Proven work experience as a photo editor in either book or magazine environment.
- Solid foundation in digital imaging, art history, photographic techniques, color composition, digital editing, production, studio management, photo licensing.
- Strong photo editing skills with an excellent portfolio.
- Previous work as a photographer, desired.
- Creative mind with an eye for visual detail.
- Strong organizational, project management, communication, and collaborative abilities.
- Use critical thinking and possess the ability to work collaboratively to solve problems.
- Time-management, self-motivated, and leadership skills.
- Experience adhering to a photo-budget.
- Ability to work in a team environment.
- Experience working with a digital asset management system.
- Industry networks a plus.
- Management experience desired.
- Bachelor’s degree in photography, photojournalism, fine art photography or visual media. Masters degree preferred.


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