Optical Engineer, Staff

Engineering San Jose, California


The successful candidate will be part of a development team and responsible for all aspects of engineering design and productization. Responsibilities include the development of photonic/electric integration technology, mask layout, characterization and qualification of the resulting integrated circuits, and transferring to the production team.
General Requirements

  • A strong understanding of silicon photonics, semiconductor physics, optical component design, fabrication, 2.5/3D integration and test.
    •Use of optical and electronic modeling and simulation software to design electro-optical devices, and generate GDS level mask data for device fabrication.
    •Familiarity or direct experience in 2.5/3D integration or FO-WLP technologies required for fabrication and integration of electrical and optical devices.
  • Experience or ability to work with CM and/or foundry partners to develop integration process. Strong FA and root cause analysis skill will be expected.
    •Direct experience in device characterization and testing as required in the development environment. 
    •Ability to work with a large body of data and the necessary statistical analysis tools, and the ability to present the data and ideas to a diverse audience.
  • Effective communication and presentation
  • Team player. Expected to work with cross-functional team.


Desired Personal Characteristics

  • Hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves personality. Able and interested in the basics and the high strategic level, and everything in between. Not afraid to get hands dirty, and easily able to transition from soup to nuts.
  • Action-Oriented. A proactive self-starter with an exceptional degree of confidence and commitment who does not require constant nudging to move programs forward or effectively complete their execution. High quality performance-oriented.
  • Effective team player. Able to collaborate cross-functionally and globally.
  • Professional. Unquestionable integrity, credibility and character. Demonstrates sound judgment, high moral and ethical behavior. Exhibits a high energy level, strong work ethic and passion for his/her work.

Education and Experience

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Photonics or a related discipline with emphasis in photonic integration or packaging. Master’s degree with industrial experience is also considered.