Engineering Intern

Engineering/Technology Warsaw, Masovian


The work will include the data analysis from different specimen material tests (static tension, LCF, TMF) in order to prepare inputs for the cyclic stress-strain model optimization as well as validating created lifing curves (Manson- Coffin, SWT, Ostergreen, TMF based) in FEA environment by simulating and comparing results toward real component tests (accelerated TMF cylinder head).

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engine
  • FEM and its application in assessing the LCF/TMF life of the cylinder heads
  • Non-linear material behavior of cast irons
  • Process of transferring material tests data into simulation environment
  • Optimization strategies

It would be possible to write your bachelor/master thesis.

Desired Characteristics

  • Principal knowledge of material science in particular metals (material properties, understanding of tensile static, LCF, HCF tests)
  • Basic knowledge about FEA Methods and Software (i.e. Ansys, Abaqus)
  • Basic knowledge in programming and data analysis (Python scripting desired)
  • Good command of English
  • Enthusiastic, engaged and willing to learn