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Position at Ingram Micro




Team Lead, Customer Service  

DEPARTMENT: Customer Service  


POSITION REPORTS TO: Manager, Operations (Customer Service)  


JOB TITLES REPORTING TO THIS POSITION: Customer Care Agents, Customer Service Specialist, E-Com  

Customer Support Rep  



The Team Lead, Customer Service is responsible for promoting and supporting the  

department/company goals and objectives to assigned work team. The TL, CS provides input and  

feedback toward decisions involving hiring, performance reviews, one-to-one’s, promotions and  

corrective action. The TL, CS assist in planning team goals. The position ensures that work is  

processed within department standards. The TL, CS interacts with internal and external customers  

for timely and efficient resolution of requests. The TL, CS has advanced knowledge of the  

responsibilities of a Customer Service Specialist together with providing guidance, leadership,  

coaching and workflow management.  




. Leadership and Coaching  

Percent of time spent in this area: 30-45%  

Assist team members to prioritize their work and use time management. Assist with multi-  

tasking and balancing associate workload (inputting new claims, following up on work in  

process and completing claims).  

Coaches associates on performance and interpersonal skills.  

Provides them on going feedback on their performance.  

Review associate work and answer questions for better decision making.  

Lead daily huddle and utilize spontaneous recognition of outstanding performance.  

Provide training (one-to-ones or in a classroom environment) as needed.  

Supports and/or assumes the responsibilities of the department Manager on an as needed  


Provides input in the areas of hiring, promotion, performance reviews, one-to-ones,  

reward, recognition and corrective action.  


. Interfacing  

Percent of time spent in this area: 15-45%  

Resolve escalated customer issues based on discretion (customer value, issue, $ amount,  

impact, etc.).  

Interface with all partners to resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships.  

Network with other department s and locations within Ingram Micro in order to build  


Ingram Micro  


Survey associate and customer feedback as an ongoing training process and improvement  


Ensure that all associates attend training as needed and that feedback is provided to the  

Training Department.  

Help maintain adequate phone coverage to handle customer calls.  

Support of other areas of the organization as needed.  

Utilize Ingram Micro’s messaging system to interface with Ingram Micro’s functional areas.  

Working effectively within a team and maintain a leadership role.  

Proactively participate in cross boundary communication with other areas of the company  

including Credit, Sales, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Product Management and  

our warehouses via phone or electronic means.  

Proactive support of account management and research functions as needed to ensure  

customer delight and excellent customer service.  

Communicate with internal and external customer through oral and written  

communication to gather additional information and inform customer of resolution.  

3. Claim and Rma processing  

Percent of time spent in this area: 5-25%  

Maintain individual, group and departmental performance goals as prescribed in Personal  

Development Plan.  

Ensure proper distribution of work to optimize capacity and achieve SLA’s.  

Bring to management‘s attention areas of process improvement opportunities.  

Process claims and RMA’s as needed. This should be on an exception basis (i.e. high  

rollovers, customer escalation, associates leaving the team, extended absenteeism).  

Utilize RCN reports to process product on a weekly basis.  

Management of the Buyback process.  

Initial claim entry for all reason codes. Forward claims electronically to research for  


Accurate and timely completion of electronic forms for exception rquests.  

Utilize Internet to facilitate RMA/claim processing.  

Perform research to establish timely credit or denial of claims for all claim types.  

Auditing capabilities to achieve Quality Assurance standards, as needed.  

Combines RMA/claim average daily accuracy to meet departmental standards.  

Productivity and volume as defined in the Personal Development Plan.  

Zero unauthorized rollover claims as prescribed by departmental standard.  

Communication claim denials to the customer.  

Issue customer RMA’s through fax, Internet, Electronic mail or direct customer contact.  

4. Administrative  

Percent of time spent in this area: 10-20%  

Track attendance, vacations and schedule breaks, lunches and meetings as needed.  

Responsible for collection and dissemination of accurate daily, weekly and monthly  

statistics and reporting.  

Gather feedback from customer as required.  

Maintain reps monthly score cards.  

Provide management report data as required.  

Ingram Micro  


Maintain an organized work place.  

Utilizing Centre Vue monitoring and reporting.  

Rep backlog management through IMI and Crystal reporting.  

Call Monitoring.  

ISO 9001 compliance.  

5. Process and Systems Improvement  

Percent of time spent in this area: 5-10%  




. Formal education or training required such as degrees, courses of study, certification:  

AA degree or 2 years of University education required  

BA/4 year degree preferred.  


. Previous work experience required for a new hire in this position; indicate type of experience  

and length of experience. If supervisory experience is required, how many years and at what  


2 years in a TL or Supervisor role preferred  

Prior experience in a BPO organization an asset  

5+ years functional experience, including the TL or Supervisory experience  


. Summarize the minimum kinds of knowledge, skills and abilities required to do this job:  

A. Knowledge of:  

Professional, effective telephone techniques  

Customer care  

B. Skilled in:  

Personal computing, or keyboarding  

Strong oral, written and grammatical English communication skills required  

Strong decision making skills  

Ability to multi-task, responds to rapid change  

Organize, prioritize and perform work with minimal supervision  

C. Ability to:  


Responds to rapid change  

Organize, prioritize and perform work with moderate supervision.  

Handle stress of high volume work.  

Ingram Micro  



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