Associate IT Quality Analyst (Assoc. Professional)

Philippines | Taguig City, Philippines
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Job Description

Position at Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services



Job Description Template



Section 1:  Identifying Information


Position Title: 

Associate Professional, IT Quality Assurance

Job code:




Date Prepared:

15 Oct 2019

Reports to:

Supervisor, IT Quality Assurance

Prepared by:



Global Information Systems (GIS)

Business line:

All Lines of Business

Positions reporting to this position


Target team size:







Section 2:  Position Summary


The role will have a focus on test execution and ownership of defects raised as a result of failed test cases for new or modified features of the various applications and systems in use by the company. Test cases will be of simple to intermediate complexity. Associates are expected to seek guidance from, or escalate to senior team members in the event of any ambiguity.


Shifts are generally fixed with weekends as off-days although members may be asked to report to work on weekends and/or holidays should business deliverables require such. 


Section 3:  Responsibilities, Supporting Actions & End-Results


Guidelines: List the essential responsibilities, functions and/or activities, provide the supporting actions to describe how the work will be accomplished and provide the desired end results. List the responsibilities in order of importance and the estimated percentage of time for the responsibility (no one responsibility should be greater than 60% of time or less than 10%).  The most important responsibility is not necessarily the one where the most amount of time is spent.             


Major Responsibility:Test Execution


Supporting Actions:

  • Understand and execute simple to intermediate Test Cases (TCs).
  • Retest any failed or blocked TCs following defect closure.
  • Seek help from senior members when needed.


End Results:

  • Test cases set to PASSED status at the end of each test cycle



Major Responsibility:Defect Management


Supporting Actions:

  • Detect and raise up to Sev2 defects. Potential Sev1 defects will need to be evaluated by more senior members.
  • Link defects to related TCs. Retest and close such defects.
  • Escalate to senior members any defects that need to be deferred.


End Results:

  • Defects set to CLOSED or DEFERRED status at the end of each test cycle



Major Responsibility:Admin Tasks


Supporting Actions:

  • Accurate clocking of worked hours.
  • Compliance to company policies and mandatory training.
  • Responds to communications in a timely manner


End Results:

  • Adherence to all company policies


Section 4:  Decision Making Authority Level


Guidelines: Describe the authority held by the position by listing the main decisions that the position is free to make and explain the decisions that depend on the position’s advice.


Decisions free to make:

      Determine if application is performing as expected. Set test case/s to passed status if yes, or raised defect/s if not

      Determine if fixes deployed in response to defects adequately address the issue/s raised.


Explain the decisions that depend on position’s advice:

      Overall health of the systems under test and deployment go/no-go will be heavily dependent on the accuracy and completeness of testing done.


Example decisions that depend on position’s advice:




Section 5:  Scope/Dimensions


Guidelines: List the main quantitative measures that define the size and scope of the position (headcount, budget, profit dollar target).             







Section 6:  Job Qualifications and Educational Requirement


      Graduate of any IT Related 4- or 5-year course.

      No prior experience is required. Experience as an intern from a related field is a plus.

      Computer literate.

      Familiar with MS Office Suite.

      Experience in VSTS, MTM or HPQC is a plus.

      Experience in .Net, SAP, or COBOL/CICS is a plus.

      Experience in SQL or Oracle is a plus.

      Strong attention to detail is required

Foundational Competencies

  • Drives Results
    • Self-directing to get results
    • High level of past achievement
    • High task orientation
    • Willing to sacrifice to get results
    • Persists in accomplishing the objectives despite obstacles and setbacks
    • Has a track record of exceeding goals successfully


  • Decision Quality
    • Makes sound decisions, even in the absence of complete information
    • Relies on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment when making decisions


  • Communicates Effectively
    • Is effective in a variety of communication settings, 1:1, small, large groups, or among diverse styles and position levels.
    • Attentively listens
    • Provides timely and helpful information to others across the organization


  • Manages Complexity
    • Asks the right questions to accurately analyze situations
    • Acquires data from multiple and diverse sources when solving problems
    • Evaluates pros and cons, risks and benefits of different solution options


Section 7:  IM Competencies


  • Self-Development
    • Generally aware of new trends in field
    • Sometimes learns new concepts
    • Sometimes aware of personal weaknesses
    • Generally sets self-development goals


  • Interpersonal Savvy
    • Relates comfortably with people across levels, functions and culture
    • Acts with diplomacy and tact
    • Builds rapport in an open, friendly and accepting way
    • Builds constructive relationships with people both similar and different to self
    • Some recognition of job conflict
    • May suggest solutions to conflicts
    • Some tolerance of difficult people


  • Instills Trust
    • Follows through on commitments
    • Is Seen as direct and truthful
    • keeps confidences
    • Practices what he/ she preaches
    • Shows consistency between words and actions


  • Being Resilient
    • Adequate emotional control
    • Shows temper only with provocation
    • Reasonably calm under criticism
    • Some ability to manage conflict
    • Occasionally defensive



Section 8:  Other Information

Guidelines: Indicate any information that would be helpful in understanding the nature, scope or purpose of the position, or any unusual or hazardous conditions associated with performing the position.                                                                                     


  • On-call
    • May be asked to provide secondary or tertiary support during weekends / holidays
    • Readiness to provide support to the team lead and primary support associate to address the overflow






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