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Position at Ingram Micro

  1. SUMMARY: 
Provides technical application strategy and leadership in one or more areas.  Responsible for designing and solving complex technical issues related to the resolution of business problems and opportunities. Designs, develops, implements, and maintains major and/or mission critical applications. Evaluates, recommends, and implements new technology. Provides technical expertise and acts as a technical resource and mentor for the application development team. Accepts individual/ team responsibilities and meets commitments.  Creative in delivering value to application solutions and customer/user requests.

This position will require 30% travel.
This position is full-time remote, and will require working from the client location based in Broomfield, CO.

Systems Analysis and Design
  • Independently analyzes business problems and operational data from one or more sources to formulate solutions of significant complexity.  Responsible for identifying various technical/application alternatives and clearly defining user specifications.  
  • Analysis typically includes design of new programs of significant complexity and scope or complex changes to existing programs.   May involve design outside of subject matter expertise. Expected to be able to research processes and programs never seen before.  
  • Expertise in interpreting information which requires the research, development, and testing of new methods and/or concepts of analysis.
  • Possesses working level understanding of specific business unit(s) functions, business processes, products/services, and general operations, in order to optimize technical solutions.
  • Creative in delivering value and carefully researched alternatives and system solutions to address customer/user requests.
  • Designs should be efficient, allow for flexibility, and consider cross-platform usage and global requirements/functionality.  
  • Initiates and leads design reviews for own projects or other projects within the team.  
  • Participates in design reviews for projects outside of direct responsibility.  
  • Develop requirements and design documentation for OSP teams to use as input to their development processConduct design review meetings with OSP to review design specs and clarify questions
  • During new process design, considers various options and platforms such as: mainframe online systems, client-server, midrange, and web-based internet, intranet, or extranet-based applications.  Internal system enhancement and new application packaged software should also be considered.
  • Researches into new solutions self-initiated.  Recommendations should be referred to supervisors before continuing work.
Systems Development and Implementation
  • Designs, develops, maintains, and modifies application programs of high degree of complexity and scope.  May include problem analysis and systems design prior to development of programs.
  • Prepares components of assignments for review and production implementation and evaluates those from others for quality control.  To include program comparisons, detailed test results, user/technical/operational documentation, rerun/restart procedures, and other pertinent information.
  • Provides leadership for design and development considerations, guidance, and knowledge.
  • Evaluate estimates from OSP as being reasonable or in line with expectations.  Conduct code reviews of OSP developed deliverables. Ensures quality standards are adhered.  Reviews test results of OSP deliverables
  • Executes the Systems Development Methodology (SDM) for medium to large projects. Ensures all systems development adheres to, and maintains current applications development standards and methodologies.
  • Develops and maintains project work plan for own projects.  
  • Creates detailed programming specifications/documentation with consideration to efficiency and ease of long-term maintenance. 
  • Systems development should consider coding/development across multiple platforms/applications and global requirements/functionality and may involve databases across multiple platforms. 
  • Applies understanding and expertise in cross-platform connectivity to work assignments.  
  • Utilized as a resource by other groups within the department, outside of their primary Subject Matter Expertise (SME) area. Can effectively participate on cross-functional teams. 
  • Understands Security issues as they pertain to system design and server placement.
  • Possesses a detailed knowledge of infrastructure in general, the Ingram infrastructure in particular, and the steps necessary to deploy a system within that infrastructure.
  • Oversees activities completed by partners and outsourced personnel
  • Provides technical leadership to a virtual team, comprised of members from all over the world
Applications Maintenance & Support
  • Works towards implementing efficiencies and improving the current processes or system.
  • Resolves technical issues and analyzes or develops solutions for application programs outside primary application knowledge.
  • Independently researches and solves problems that are vague and unidentified with little or no relationship to available data. 
  • Independently researches and solves problems where precedents may be absent and unique solutions are required. 
  • May be required to provide technical leadership and direction in critical situations.
  • Adheres to ITIL practices and is well-versed in Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management.
Applications Strategy and Consulting 
  • Keeps up-to-date on trends and developments in the marketplace and relevant technological and application areas.
  • Applies comprehensive understanding of Ingram Micro’s core businesses.
  • Performs necessary investigation, analysis, and evaluation of new technology solutions related to a specific applications area to resolve business problems, realize process improvements, or upgrade/leverage existing technology.
  • Actively looks for opportunities to positively impact existing methods, services, or products. 
  • Actively mentors and assists junior developers (internal and OSP associates) with analysis, design, development, and implementation tasks. Actively teaches internal junior developers primary application development tools/platform and functional business processes and requirements.
  • Responsible for acting as a technical consultant on general projects for the department.
  • Defines, documents, publishes, and educates others on solutions and standards for applications. 
  1. A Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Business Information Systems, Science and Math or related discipline with an IT emphasis is required. 
  1. Minimum 3-5 years experience desired in major projects and systems development required.  Summarize the minimum kinds of knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform this job:
  • Knowledge of State of the art computer hardware and software.  Technology concepts of on-line interactive systems, database designs, and/or client/server environments.
  • Skill in Systems developments, implementation in on-line interactive systems.  Understanding new technology and applications of same.
  • Communicates effectively by expressing technical concepts and information well both orally and in writing. Prepares formal technology evaluations and proposals.
  • Accepts individual/team responsibilities and meets commitments. Takes responsibility for own performance and actions.
  • Creative in delivering values to systems solutions and customer/user requests. Anticipates and accepts change by capitalizing on opportunities that arise.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, Visio and Project desired
  • Problem solving where development of new solutions, methods and systems will result in a major impact on department's overall success.
  • Implement own recommendations and see projects through to completion.
  • Analyze current methods and procedures, recommend and implement improvements.
  • Mathematical ability sufficient to add, subtract, multiple, divide, figure averages.
  • Ability to communicate effectively by telephone and in group meetings and discussions. Ability to give and receive information accurately.
  • Ability to follow directions and procedures accurately; to organize facts and figures; apply basic arithmetic.
  • Participate in meetings to give and receive information several times a month.
  • Conduct meetings or presentations to explain, negotiate or persuade.
  • Ability to conduct complex analysis of technical environment issues and matters relating to this area of responsibility.
  • Hearing sufficient to clearly hear voices alarms, bells and horns.
  • Ability to distinguish color.
  • Write using pen/pencil or personal computer keyboard for up to 30 minutes at a time on a daily basis.
  • Ability to travel by air.
  • Ability to work during various time zones globally as required.
Personal computer or terminal
Computer printer
Mobile device such as Blackberry
Advanced computer equipment
May be required to work in an office environment with or without air conditioning and fluorescent lighting.  May also be required to spend time in a distribution center without air conditioning. Some geographies may have remote office conditions of lower standards that the home country.

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