GCP Cloud Architect

Engineering Santa Clara, CA


Infostretch Corporation is seeking GCP Cloud Architect to be based in Santa Clara, CA.

Please note that to start the role it will be remote for 3 - 6 months but once this Covid19 is behind us - it will be an in-house role.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Should have strong 3+ years' experience designing and deploying the solutions on AWS & GCP.
  • Should have experience to create the plan and define the strategies and design the solutions for migrating services between AWS and GCP.
  • Should have worked with EKS and GKE. Hands on experience working with k8s and docker.
  • Hands on experience working different storage and database services on AWS and GCP (like S3, RDS, Aurora, Big Query, Bigtable, Cloud SQL)
  • Hands on experience with Cloud Tasks, Memory store for Redis etc.
  • Experience working with synchronous, real-time, and asynchronous architectures in GCP
  • Knowledge of different enterprise and design patterns and experience in designing the highly secure, resilient, and high availability solutions in AWS and GCP
  • Should be able to create total cost of ownership analysis report
  • Ability to identify trade-offs of using various platform services on GCP
  • In-depth knowledge and strong experience creating and managing organizations, accounts/projects, IAM, VPC and VPNs on AWS & GCP
  • Experience setting up services based on AWS & GCP best practices for network and security, organization components, Logging & monitoring & operations, cloud architecture, billing etc.
  • Working experience on setting up container services (like ECR,GCR) and map-reduce services  (like EMR and Dataproc and Dataflow)
  • Experience in automation with AWS cloud formation and GCP cloud deployment manager
  • Experience working with load balancers and other networking concepts
  • Clear understanding on feature differences of AWS and GCP services like compute engines, storages, and databases etc.
  • Understanding of replications mechanisms for databases along with experience working with elastic search systems and systems like elastic cache.
  • Knowledge of GCP’s migrate for compute for computer engine manager, cloud extensions, waves feature & Wave UI and its architecture is plus.
  • Able to debug and resolve the issues in solution, architecture and setup for enterprise applications using AWS cloud trails and GCP cloud loggings.


Job Responsibilities 

  • Create blueprint, physical and deployment architecture of the existing AWS / GCP services setup and used
  • Create full fledge migration plan and strategy which have minimal impact and can be done incrementally / fully
  • Prepare the total cost of ownership analysis
  • Monitor the progress, identify the risks and challenges and define the mitigation plan
  • Review, Analyze and Test the completed tasks
  • Debug and Fix the issues at any points in the migration process
  • Document and create all required artifacts like run books, support FAQs, troubleshooting documents etc.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field.