Lead Community Support Companion

Adult Services Supported Living Los Angeles, California


Social/Community Integration and Participation (SCIP) is a 24-hour supported living service with positions that can provide the opportunity to work day, evening and/or overnight shifts. Some individuals may require assistance with personal care needs such as toileting, bathing, general hygiene, housekeeping, etc. Most of the people we support have challenging behaviors, which are often tied to a skills deficit in communication, coping skills, or social ability. We strive to determine the cause of the behavior and assist our participants in finding a more appropriate way to get their needs met, thus reducing their need to use inappropriate behavior.  This involves assessing their abilities, strengths, and opportunities for growth, as well as teaching positive skills so they can get their needs met appropriately. 

Our clients are served in 1:1 and 2:1 staff to client ratios, depending on their needs. Service is delivered in client homes and in the community, and may involve the activities of daily life such as grocery shopping, going to doctor’s appointments, and other usual errands. The service we provide allows people with a variety of disabilities to live in their own home in the community, participate as an active member in their families and communities, and develop independence skills and meaningful relationships.

The  Sr.  Support  Companion  must  be  physically  able  to  implement  all  strategies  as  they  are  defined  in  IABA's  'Emergency  Management  Guidelines',  including  geographical  and  emergency  physical  containment.

The  Sr.  Support  Companion  must  be  physically  able  to  lift  and  carry  items  weighing  up  to  25  pounds  (e.g.,  groceries,  houseware  items,  move  furniture,  etc.).  As  well  as  be  able  to  physically  assist,  guide,  and  facilitate  movement  of  the  client  that  may  need  physical  assistance  (e.g.,  wheelchair  transfer,  walking,  etc.).


Assist  SCIP  management  in  a  senior  support  capacity,  attend  appropriate  management  meetings,  and  regularly  scheduled  monthly  staff  meetings.

Provides  hands-on  training  to  all  companion  positions,  including  being  primary  contact  person  for  several  companions,  thereby  reviewing  their  work  on  a  weekly  basis  and  holding  regularly  scheduled  contact  meetings.

Provides  substitute  coverage  if  a  companion  is  absent.

QUALIFICATIONS:  BA  in  special  education,  psychology,  social  work  or  related  field  or  experience  relevant  to  community-based  programming  for  person  with  developmental  disabilities.

REQUIRED:  Valid  Driver's  license;  current  automobile  insurance;  first  aid  and  CPR  training;  DMV  report  and  Fingerprint  Screening.


Full-Time/Days,  Afternoons,  Weekends,  Overnight.

Days  and  hours  vary  based  on  client  requirements.

Compensation: $15.60-$18.21

What IABA can offer you:

  • Medical and dental insurance for employees who work over 31 hours per week
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Vacation Time Off & Holiday Pay for Full time Regular Status Employees
  • Employee discounts; fun employee events
  • On-the-job training, career development and advancement opportunities
  • 401(k)  Plan
  • A rewarding work environment
  • Meaningful relationships with your co-workers and the individuals we serve
  • Dynamic work environment, no day is ever the same as the next