Capital Sales Manager

Capital Sales Shanghai, China



BeautyHealth is a category-creating beauty health company focused on bringing innovative products to market. Our flagship brand, HydraFacial, is a non-invasive and approachable beauty health platform and ecosystem with a powerful community of estheticians, consumers and partners, bridging medical and consumer retail to democratize and personalize skin care solutions for the masses. Leading the charge in beauty health as a category-creator, HydraFacial uses a unique delivery system to cleanse, extract and hydrate with our patented hydradermabrasion technology and super serums that are made with nourishing ingredients, providing an immediate outcome and creating an instantly gratifying glow in just three steps and 30 minutes. HydraFacial® and Perk™ products are available in over 90 countries with over 20,000 Delivery Systems globally and millions of treatments performed each year.

Are you located in Shanghai or surrounding provinces?  Want to work for a fun, fast-paced company that is rapidly growing both domestically and internationally? Are you obsessed with the aesthetics business and know how to identify potential customer needs, be they outcomes or ROI, with ease and accuracy? Are you known for your ability to engage everyone in the business from physicians and aestheticians, to spa and office managers? Do you thrive in a capital equipment environment that sells into med-spas, resort spas, and aesthetic practices? Do you consistently exceed your sales targets and succeed in demanding and fast-paced situations? Look no further, we’ve got the job for you! If you want to be rewarded for taking charge and getting things done at a company with a more exciting story, cutting-edge products, and a team of awesome co-workers, keep reading!

您是否位於上海或周邊省份? 想要為一家在國內和國際上迅速成長的有趣、快節奏的公司工作?您是否癡迷於美學業務,知道如何輕鬆、準確地識別潛在的客戶需求,包括結果或 ROI?您是否以讓每個人參與業務的能力而廣為人知,從醫生和美容師,到水療和辦公室經理?您是否在資本設備環境中茁壯成長,這些環境銷售為醫學水療、度假村水療中心和美學實踐?您是否始終超越銷售目標,並在要求苛刻且快節奏的情況下取得成功?不用再看,我們找了這份工作給你!如果你想得到獎勵,負責和完成的事情在公司與一個更令人興奮的故事,尖端的產品,和一個真棒同事團隊,繼續閱讀!

HERE’S WHY YOU’LL LOVE THIS JOB / 以下是您喜歡這份工作的原因:

  • You’re motivated by a compensation package that rewards overachievement. That’s right, your commissions are uncapped and paid out quarterly.  Start earning at the first dollar sales with no limit on earnings!

您受到獎勵成績超群的薪酬方案激勵。沒錯,您的傭金未封頂,每季度支付一次 開始賺取第一美元銷售沒有收入限制!

  • You will have an opportunity to help physician practices, med-spas, resort spas, and hotels improve their top and bottom lines.  Where you can go is limited only by your imagination!

您將有機會説明醫生實踐、醫療水療、度假村水療中心和酒店改善其頂部和底線 可以去的地方只能受你的想像力的限制!

  • The HydraFacial Company is a profitable business with a proven, effective, and patented technology you can feel proud to represent.

HydraFacial 公司是一家盈利企業,擁有久經考驗的、有效的專利技術,您可以感到自豪

  • Every person here is a key player in our success. We are firm believers in making the little things count each day, so that the big things will follow.




  • You will introduce physician practices, medical spas, and resort spas to the award-winning HydraFacial experience that takes skin health to a whole new level.

您將向屢獲殊榮的 HydraFacial 體驗介紹醫生實踐、醫療水療和度假村水療中心,將皮膚健康引入一個全新的水準

  • You will help your clients understand how to position the HydraFacial treatment inside their practices and businesses to increase their profitability.

您將幫助客戶瞭解如何將 HydraFacial 待遇定位到其實踐和業務中,以提高他們的盈利能力

  • You will connect new customers to your Business Development Manager who will then pick up the consumables side of the business and continue to help customers achieve their goals using HydraFacial!

您將新客戶連接到您的業務開發經理,然後由他們拿起業務的耗材方面,並繼續幫助客戶使用 HydraFacial 實現他們的目標!



  • Experience selling into the aesthetics (cash-pay) market, dermatology/plastic surgery offices, or high-end resort spas.


  • Establish relationships in your territory.


  • Experience selling medical devices to physicians or hospitals.


  • Proficiently skilled with closing sales based on ROI, successfully growing medical practices or spas by building a business around your products.

熟練地完成基於 ROI 的結帳銷售,通過圍繞您的產品建立業務,成功發展醫療實踐或水療中心

What else can you expect with HydraFacial? 在海德拉法公司,你還能期待什麼?

Every person here is a key contributor to our success. We are firm believers in making the little things count each day, so that the big things will follow. If this sounds like you, come check us out! This is the perfect opportunity to work with some of the best leaders in the industry while you gain the global experience to add to your professional toolbox.
這裡的每個人都是我們成功的關鍵貢獻者。我們堅信讓小事每天都重要,這樣大事就會隨之而來。如果這聽起來像你, 來看看我們!這是與業內一些最佳領導者合作的最佳機會,同時獲得全球經驗,以添加到您的專業工具箱中

We mean it when we say you’ll LOVE this role. 當我們你會喜歡這個角色時, 我們是認真的