Associate Product Engineer

Research & Development San Diego, California


Position at Custom Brands Group





Job Title:  Associate Product Engineer (Jr. Engineer)

Company:  Custom Brands Group

Location:  San Diego/National City R&D Center

Reports to:

Status:  Exempt, Full-Time, Salaried



The summary should describe the function of the position and what it will provide to the department.  The summary may be two to three sentences.


Custom Brands Group is looking for an Associate Product Engineer to join our Research & Development team. Primary responsibilities will be detailing and developing 3D models, as well as creating functional prototypes.   The ideal candidate will have several years of design experience in a product development environment, be familiar with plastic designs and molding processes, and a hands-on person. Must be able to work independently and have excellent communication skills.




Functions, duties, and responsibilities necessary to accomplish the main objective of the job.

  • Conducts engineering work activities related to the development of new components, or in the improvement to existing products.
  • Develops 3D models and detail drawings. Works with tooling vendors.
  • Works with other engineers, including our manufacturing engineers at our plant in Mexico, in the design or re-design of components and processes.
  • Analyze and document product design and manufacturing issues. Performs tests as required for components and blinds.
  • Create functional prototypes.
  • Research solutions for improving products including material selection and processes.
  • Assists with preparation of project timelines, Bills of Materials, and costs for new products or improvements.



List the degree or certification required.  List the years of experience in the related field required.


  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or a combination of technical education & experience
  • Minimum of one to three years of experience in product engineering.
  • Minimum of 2 yrs of Solidworks experience
  • Excellent skills in computer software including CAD, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.



Individual behavioral traits which will assist in the successful completion of the job (communication skills, leadership skills, ability to work in a team environment, etc.)


  • Solid knowledge of and ability to read and understand mechanical blueprints.
  • Basic knowledge of the physical properties and characteristics of component materials including polystyrene, PVC, steel, aluminum, wood, and various types of plastic used in the production process.
  • Basic knowledge of design of plastic injection molded components, and molding processes.
  • Basic knowledge of common manufacturing processes including metal stamping, extrusion, diecasting, and machining processes.
  • Basic knowledge of common mechanisms including cams, pulleys, and gear systems.
  • Basic knowledge of project management to establish timelines.
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to research process information from various sources.
  • Comfortable with lab tools, including drill press, lathe, saw
  • Must be able to work independently.
  • Must be able to travel occasionally within the US and to our plant in Mexico.
  • Ability to speak Spanish a plus.



List the position titles (including senior management), departments, vendors with whom this position will interact



                    Product Engineers (San Diego)

                    Manufacturing Engineers (Mexico)

                    Product Management




                    Tooling Vendors

                    Equipment Suppliers



Physical working conditions, percentage of travel, hours, etc.

                    10% of travel required between US & Mexico offices and plants