Customer Support Training Manager

Training Broomfield, Colorado


Position at Hunter Douglas Inc.










Creates, manages and executes training for the Hunter Douglas Customer Support representatives. Partnership and coordination with leadership from Customer Support and Learning and Development to define and set learning objectives for Customer Support employees is imperative. Deliver a training program that is realistic of the Customer Support representative’s day-to-day duties by collaborating with subject matter experts and leadership. Identify the need and objectives in order to plan, create and establish training agendas for Customer Support employees.  Acting as a Project Manager in order to establish, track, evaluate and communicate progress and success of the program to leadership is essential.  Evaluate the success of the program through employee and management feedback, assessments and surveys that coordinate with the learning objectives.  Promote a positive workspace where staff feels confident to perform their job based on the training they received.  




An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential functions. (These examples do not include all of the functions which the employee may be expected to perform.)


Develop training objectives, goals and strategy based on the direction of leadership and needs analysis.


Manage method of delivery to include but not limited to instructor lead training, webcasts, on line learning modules, podcasts, video, mobile devices, audio, and print.


Develop training material content with SMEs using adult learning concepts to include but not limited to scriptwriting, PPT, visual support, packaging, and delivery. Be prepared to deliver training material when and as needed.


Act as moderator and trainer during the course of new hire onboarding. Interact during training sessions with attendees to address and respond to process and resources inquiries and ensure employees have an established method to communicate their needs, questions and concerns.


Promote consistent, transparent communication between new hire, hiring manager and all stakeholders at all times and ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities and deadlines throughout the onboarding process.


Manage, coordinate and communicate with all Customer Support Trainers ensuring that the training objectives are being implemented consistently at every location.


Conduct routine check-ins and follow-ups with new hire and hiring manager to monitor training progress, address concerns as well as developing follow up coaching, setting expectations, and testing.


Promote early and seamless adoption of established policies, procedures and resources in order to drive job competency and customer satisfaction within the first 3 months of hire.


Identify and recommend needed changes in the recruiting process and/or assessment process based on changes in the market or job role.





Establish project timelines for new hire onboarding and additional training programs. Use project management tools and concepts to track, manage and deliver tasks on time and by their due date.


Manage and control changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques


Manage program budget.  Understand budgetary needs and expenses.  Track costs, approvals and paymentProvide a regular cost analysis of onboarding and continued training investments.


Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects.


Manage evaluation procedures to measure success rates of programs.  Be able to report on success and analyze failures.


Manage specific project teams by defining and communicating responsibilities of tasks and roles in order to bring projects to completion. 




In depth knowledge of Hunter Douglas product line and supporting materials such as sample books, reference guide, and other tools that support the product line.


Expertise required on current training trends – staying on top of methods for innovation and training – software, new methodologies, delivery mediums (tablets, iPads, etc), and video.  The Manager of Customer Support Training is responsible for keeping HD on the cutting edge of training innovation.



In depth knowledge of Hunter Douglas Customer Support roles, processes and responsibilities.  Understand Hunter Douglas technology as well as Program technology, i.e. DirectConnect, Learning Center, SalesForce, etc.


Ability to work in a constant state of alertness and safe manner.


Position requires regular and predictable attendance.


Employees are held accountable for all duties of this job.



Attends corporate meetings as needed to conduct presentations for Hunter Douglas.


Assists in any capacity in responding to situations that may arise during the phase of planning, scheduling, and actual training session.


Assist in any capacity in responding to situations with other Learning and Development or Hunter Douglas training programs as needed.




An employee in this position, upon appointment, should have the equivalent of the following:

Expert knowledge to adapt methods and techniques to audience needs

Expert knowledge in presentation in both live and on line environments. Comfort level in both large (500) and small (5) audiences.

Expert knowledge of how to motivate Learning and Development and Customer Support members, consultants and presentations of other functional departments with the company to follow through on the goals of the yearlong training session.

Expert knowledge to organize and prioritize multiple projects at various stages of progress.

Expert knowledge to utilize creative thinking and problem solving techniques to resolve problems encountered on a daily basis.

Expert knowledge of project management and the ability to coordinate a high level of activity under a variety of conditions and constraints.

Expert knowledge of product competition and what is being done by Hunter Douglas to maintain the edge of being innovative leaders of design within the consumer window fashion industry.

Expert knowledge of computer use and applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Expert knowledge of technology available to deliver training

Expert knowledge of how to research content for new learning topics

Solid knowledge in applying principles of adult learning theory to design and delivery

Solid knowledge of supervisory principles

Solid knowledge of evaluation techniques

Solid knowledge of the business operations of the window fashion industry.

Solid knowledge of correct grammar usage to compose and proofread training materials for spelling, sentence construction and punctuation errors.

Solid knowledge in establishing and maintaining effective work relationships

Solid knowledge to learn new training content and master subject matter

Solid knowledge to have strong time management and stress management skills and the ability to work in a multitasking fast paced environment

Ability to use and operate various audiovisual equipment.

Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality

Ability to have curriculum design experience



Acceptable Training and Experience includes a degree in Training, Marketing, or Business (or equivalent experience or in lieu of) and 6-9 years’ experience within the window fashions industry as a sales representative, decorator or Designer. Previous experience with Hunter Douglas is highly desirable. Leadership experience within a work team environment is required. Prior public speaking experience is required. A demonstrated willingness to pursue continuing education and research in the area of adult education, software and technology, production information, presentation techniques and training is required. Extensive domestic travel with irregular work hours is required in this position.


For knowledge statements, according to The Uniform Selection Guidelines issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission the following definitions of knowledge are:

Basic  General familiarity; aware of universal principles and able to locate details/access resources. Understanding of a determinate number of functions or activities.

Solid  Working knowledge; able to apply general principles. Understanding of most functions, operations or activities. Includes a general knowledge of applicable theory.

Expert  Able to apply general principles and specific details. Understanding of virtually all functions, operations or activities. Includes full comprehension of applicable theory.


The Window Fashions Division Leadership Competencies are abbreviated in this job description; refer to Leadership Performance Appraisal to view the full version.  A Leader at Hunter Douglas Window Fashions, Inc. displays these characteristics:


Adaptability/Flexibility/Responsiveness -- Maintains an optimistic and positive outlook, responding constructively when presented with challenge or change.


Business Savvy -- Aligns organizational structure, systems, processes and talent to achieve desired results.


Communication Skills -- Encourages a climate in which employees feel free to openly share their thoughts and feelings.


Critical Thinking – Anticipates events and potential problems before they arise.


Decision Making/Judgment -- Applies a sound knowledge of procedures and organizational values when making decisions.


Driving Change -- Initiates and promotes continuous learning and improvement efforts throughout the organization.


Driving Strategic Direction -- Communicates and motivates others about the organizational mission, vision, and values.


Empowering Others -- Involves others in problem solving, decision making and planning processes. 


Engenders Trust -- Demonstrates and practices high standards of personal and professional integrity.


Leading Teams -- Genuinely values and recognizes the ideas, abilities, contributions, and differences of others.




Body Movement

Will frequently stand and walk for extended periods of time within a defined area while conducting training.

Will frequently bend/stoop/squat at knees and lower back while setting up and disassembling set and product displays while conducting training.

Will frequently sit while travelling on airplanes when commuting from location to location.

Will frequently push/pull crates loaded with training materials while assembling and disassembling at various training sites.


Back and Upper Body (lifting and carrying)

Will frequently lift and carry product displays during setup and disassembly.


Constantly uses sight in performance of daily duties.












Constantly uses hearing to communicate while performing daily job duties.


Work Environment

Various hotel conference sites on a yearlong basis. A substantial amount of airline travel.

From “Dictionary of Occupational Titles,” U.S. Department of Labor:

Constantly:activity or condition exists 2/3 or more of the time.

Frequently:activity or condition exists 1/3 to 2/3 of the time.

Occasionally:activity or condition exists up to 1/3 of the time.


Changeability:Management of Hunter Douglas, Inc. – Window Fashions Division reserves the right to modify, change, or eliminate this job description at any time, with or without notice.


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