Senior Software Developer - Apple (iOS/tvOS)

Software Development Seattle, Washington



Hulu's Apple team is seeking an experienced Senior Software Engineer with a passion for mobile applications to join our team in Seattle. Our highly collaborative team brings together folks from many fields including quality assurance, program management, product management, UX and engineering. We are responsible for the apps that millions of Hulu viewers use to watch their favorite movies and shows, every single day. We strive to build and maintain the best Live and Video on Demand application on iOS and tvOS. We would love to see samples of your work. If you’ve got something to share with us, please make sure your resume or application links to your GitHub account or an app in the App store.

On the Mobile team and at Hulu, we are accountable to one another, committed to aligning on common goals, and moving forward. We do so because we know that no one person or team alone could achieve what we've set out to do! As a team, we continuously analyze data to improve our Apps, our processes and how we work together.


  • Work closely with UX designers, product managers, and engineering leadership to craft best-of-class, delightful TV-watching experiences
  • Lead initiatives across the company, working closely with other client and backend engineers
  • Develop the architectural direction and vision for company wide projects as well as across the Apple team
  • Demonstrate engineering excellence by developing test infrastructures, writing documentation, ensuring high performance, and following an agile development methodology
  • Support and mentor your team members to enable them to become more knowledgable and achieve their career goals


  • Expert at developing native apps for all Apple platforms
  • A deep understanding of the iOS and tvOS SDKs, Swift, app and view lifecycles, thread management, and animations
  • Proven understanding and experience using reactive frameworks like RxSwift, Bond or Combine
  • Be an excellent communicator who collaborates well across teams
  • Experience architecting and building entire mobile applications while leading other developers to support your vision
  • You build high quality code by always writing tests and using performance evaluation tools like Leaks or Time Profiler
  • Experience with test automation, dependency injection frameworks and/or continuous integration
  • Familiarity with Scrum and Agile methodologies
  • Ability to take ambiguous requirements and derive precise criteria
  • In-depth knowledge of web-service and data-driven application architecture


  • Passionate about test-driven development
  • Developer community involvement
  • Experience with Apple’s AVKit framework and HLS.
  • Experience integrating in-app purchases using StoreKit
  • You have delivered features using SwiftUI/Combine.