Senior Research Software Developer - Ad Intelligence

Software Development Beijing, China



Viewer-first advertising is a strategic imperative for Hulu and Disney. The Beijing Ad Intelligence team's mission is to transform advertising and Disney's Ad platform with data and AI across TV and streaming video. We build solutions to measure and optimize every aspect of advertising lifecycle. Our tenant is a strong cross-function team to deliver E2E solutions covering tech areas ranging from machine learning, bigdata, microservices to data applications. Our team is seeking a senior research software developer who will be an outstanding addition and leading high-innovated research studies and end-to-end delivery solutions. The right person for this role should have phenomenal passion on innovation and motivation to understand the business and product to develop cutting edge algorithms. If you are someone who is proactive, inquisitive, and innovative, this is an excellent role for you!


  • Drive ground-breaking innovation and apply state of the art machine learning, statistics or analytics in a variety of areas to help Hulu and Disney in every aspect of advertising, including ad targeting, inventory forecasting and planning, efficient ad delivering.
  • Invent and fast iterate on novel solutions to challenging ad related problems
  • Develop scalable and efficient methods for large scale data analysis and model development. End-to-end delivers the algorithm and model in production to contribute to ad business value
  • Collaborate with developers, program managers, and product managers in an open, creative environment


  • MS or PhD in computer science or EE
  • 3+ years of working experience on large scale machine learning, statistics and in leading internet companies. Experience in ads domain is preferred.
  • Solid understanding on ML technologies, mathematics and statistics.
  • Familiarity with Java, Python, Scala, large scale ML/DL platforms and processing tech stack.
  • Passion to understand the ad business and apply accurate research study according to the business scenario, and seek innovation opportunities to enhance business effectiveness.
  • Passion for technology, open to interdisciplinary work, and experience in building data-driven services and applications.
  • Proven track record of thriving in a fast-paced, data-driven, collaborative and iterative applied research environment